Laying an Axe to the Emotional Roots of Diseases Attacking Your Body

Stress management could keep you a lot healthier.
Stress management could keep you a lot healthier. (iStock photo )
"That person is a pain in the neck." I have seen the pain of a stiff neck and shoulder immediately released when the person I was counseling forgave another who was "a pain in their neck." The book Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert lays out scientific evidence that emotions are stored in our cells.

There is plenty of pain to be stored. In addition to the ongoing pains of experiencing rejection, losing a job and so forth, research has shown that one in five Americans was sexually molested as a child; and one in three couples engages in physical violence. A quarter of us grew up with alcoholic relatives (Van der Kolk M.D., Bessel. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, p. 1). 

Discover how you can easily turn your daily devotional times into amazing healing encounters with the Wonderful Counselor, allowing Him to pinpoint and remove emotional and physical trauma and restore health to your whole being. We make available below a downloadable simple coaching worksheet for clearing cellular memories. I used it for three weeks and its Spirit-led prayers allowed me to release over 60 years of stored cellular traumas. Stress left my body, a several-year skin irritation went away, and my night-time sleep improved. I am continuing this exciting process until I abide in the true, Spirit-born kingdom realities of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17) displacing Satan's fear, insecurity, anger, judgment and accusation.

Catching a Murderer

Memories are stored in our cells: In the case described here, the heart transplant recipient acquired the memories from the murdered donor, providing police with enough leads to arrest the one who murdered the heart donor. People receiving a heart transplant simultaneously take on the likes and dislikes of the donor's heart. Wow!

Emotional trauma leads to 90 percent of our health issues. Emotional trauma causes stress on our bodies. "The classic definition of stress is 'any real or imagined threat, and your body's response to it.' Your body's natural stress response can have a significant impact on your immune function, brain chemistry, blood sugar levels, hormonal balance, and much more" (Dr. Mercola, Imaging Technology Finally Reveals How Emotions Manifest in Your Body).

The U.S. National Library of Medicine hosts this article on stress which indicates up to 90 percent of illnesses are stress related. Quotes from the article include:

  • "It is estimated that 80 percent to 90 percent of all industrial accidents are related to personal problem and employees' inability to handle stress" (6).
  • "The European Agency for Safety and Health at work reported that about 50 percent of job absenteeism is caused by stress" (7).
  • "The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States estimates that stress account about 75 percent of all doctors visits" (7).
  • "According to Occupational Health and Safety news and the National Council on compensation of insurance, up to 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints."

If stress wreaks that much havoc, imagine the overwhelming cumulative health effect of all our emotional issues! This prayer workshop is designed to help us receive Jesus' healing touch to release such memories.

How to discover a stuck memory: One great way to discover a root cause to an infirmity is to ask, "Lord, what happened in my life just before this infirmity began?" The thought which immediately lights upon your mind is a word of knowledge and will reveal a stored cellular trauma which needs to be processed in prayer.

I Experienced Healing of Cellular Memories

I was not as healed as I had hoped: My stimulus to create this worksheet came from my decision to fully process the emotional traumas in my life which were stressing my adrenal gland (the fight/flight response). My naturopath had been telling me for years that my adrenal gland was stressed, and I adamantly told her "no," because I had learned to abide in Christ. Well, finally another naturopath told me a skin irritation which kept coming back was the result of a stressed out adrenal gland. So I decided it was time to get to the root of this and resolve it now, at the tender young age of 63, a good dozen years after first being informed of the problem. You don't need to be foolish and wait 12 years to process your issues. Be wise. Choose to get your release NOW. 

My real stressors were stored cellular memories: I finally realized that the stress in my adrenals was not necessarily coming from my current life, as I had now learned to abide in Christ. It was more likely that this was stored stress in the memory of the cells of my adrenal gland from past issues in my life, and perhaps even stresses that had been passed down through my family line. This was a big "WOW" moment for me and gave me understanding of a whole new way to pray for healing!

Modern medicine tends to have a mechanical view of the body, considering each organ and gland and system as stand-alone components that can function fairly independently of each other and the emotional state of the host body. However, alternative, naturopathic doctors look to the more traditional, ancient understandings of Greek and Chinese medicine which saw the internal organs as being strongly affected by the emotions, with specific emotions especially affecting specific organs. I embrace this more holistic understanding of the body. Such a view makes the abiding realities of faith, hope and love take on a whole new significance, doesn't it (1 Cor. 13:13)?

Your own healing encounters: Since this prayer approach can be freely done by yourself at home—and I can guarantee that you will benefit from it emotionally, spiritually and physically—it is highly recommended that you complete this as part of a spiritual retreat (or daily devotions for a few weeks). Why live with stuff you don't need to life with? No wonder Satan continuously wants us to put off this healing process until a later date! There is so much of value in it for us. So, Satan, be gone!

Mark Virkler is founder and president of Christian Leadership University and co-founder of Communion With God Ministries. The co-author of more than 50 books with his wife, Patti, Mark has received a Master of Theology from Miami Christian University and a Ph.D. from Carolina Christian University.

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