5 Reasons You Are Qualified to Release God's Healing Power

Randy Clark
Randy Clark (Corey Hayes Photography )
When Jesus died on the cross, He made provision for your righteousness. He made it possible for sinful people to positionally become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (see 2 Cor. 5:21). Faith in Jesus' atonement transforms your position before God.

Previously we were sinners and thus alienated from an intimate, personal relationship with God. As unbelievers we could not carry God's healing power because we could not be vessels for His presence.

Remember, you and I have no power in and of ourselves. We have no ability to heal. It is only the presence of the Holy Spirit within us that releases God's power through us. God went to extraordinary lengths to make it possible for you and me to be filled with His presence so we could, in turn, release His power to those in need around us.

God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

You may not feel qualified to be used by God to heal and deliver. You may be thinking of all the reasons you are not qualified to walk in this expression and demonstration of God's power. But the truth is, God is not looking for the perfect. He is looking for the righteous!

1. You are righteous because of Jesus' redemptive work on the cross. This is the power of Jesus' blood—that the unrighteous have become righteous in God's sight. You did not qualify yourself to receive the Spirit's presence; God did. If you think you are not qualified to lay your hands on the sick and release God's healing power, you are right. You could not qualify yourself, so God did the job for you through Jesus Christ. He did what you could not do.

2. You don't need to be perfect to start walking in the supernatural. Too many Christians today never move beyond the promise of an afterlife in heaven because they are convinced that their pasts, their mistakes, and their failures disqualify them for supernatural service on earth. Are there new levels of anointing and power that you can walk in? Absolutely! Does God call us to live lives that are consecrated, sanctified, and holy? Yes, Scripture makes this abundantly clear. The problem is that some believers are waiting until they are perfect before they step out and take God at His Word where they are. This is really a spiritual paradox.

3. Obediently praying for the sick not only releases God's power, but helps you grow in spiritual maturity. When we step out and pray for the sick, what are we practicing? We are practicing nothing other than obedience to what Jesus commanded. Not only are we becoming channels for God's supernatural power, but we are also cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. It is not an either-or situation with God. It is not the fruit of the Spirit or the gifts of the Spirit; it is not the character of Christ or the power of Christ. It's both!

4. You are fulfilling the Great Commission mandate! When you respond to God's leading by praying for the sick, you are obediently fulfilling the commission of Jesus. You are bringing the Kingdom of God into a specific situation, and you are yielding to the Spirit's prompting.

5. When you release God's healing power—even in your weakness, imperfection and brokenness—you are showing that supernatural power comes from God and not from you. Consider these words from the apostle Paul: "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us" (2 Cor. 4:7). Believe it or not, God uses your weaknesses and failures to demonstrate that it is His delight to use broken vessels.

Do not wait to feel qualified before you start walking in God's healing power. Resolve in your heart today that you will step out in obedience and faith. Remember, God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called! You are called because of who lives inside of you. There is a stewardship you have with the presence and person of the Holy Spirit.

For more keys on how to practically receive and release God's supernatural healing power, read Randy Clark's book, Power to Heal, or go through the Power to Heal curriculum study.

Randy Clark is the founder of Global Awakening, a teaching, healing and impartation ministry that crosses denominational lines.


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