26 Ways a Christian Man Should Treat a Woman

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Car door woman
Do you still open the car door for a woman? (iStock photo)

Let's set the record straight from the get-go: This is not an exhaustive list. Space would not allow for the other 500 or more tips that exist out there in "How to Treat a Girl" land. Further, be sure as you read that you remember this list is aimed at teenage guys.

Young men, listed below are varieties of thoughts on how to treat a girl. Most of us think this beautiful gift God gave to the guy called girl is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But first things first, because she is not a thing. She is a person to be cherished and cared for and treated with respect.

After a few years of learning and still doing so today, please note my sage advice. It may sound old-fashioned, but how about a little A to Z?

A. When walking on the street: Walk on the street side.

B. When you are with two girls: Never sandwich yourself between the two of them, whether walking or sitting. If you position yourself on one side, you can talk to one or both. If not, you have to turn away from one to talk to another. That ticks them off. Then if the two girls happen to be big buddies, they will try to talk around you if you are in the middle. In that case, you feel like a tennis ball going back and forth.

C. When to offer your arm: Men rarely offer their arm to a female in the daytime unless she is elderly. At night, however, if she is wearing heels or is going down stairs or a slope, it is advisable to offer your arm. Hopefully she will be smart enough to take it rather than risk stumbling.

D. How not to offer your arm: Don't grab a girl by the arm or the elbow and shove her along. You lose brownie points doing this.

E. Leading through a crowd: It is OK to take a girl's hand and precede her through a crowd to make a way for her.

F. Guy or girl first: In most circumstances, indoors or out, when a couple walks together, the girl precedes the guy. However, if traveling outside and over rough ground, he goes first and offers his hand if she needs assistance.

G. Car doors: The guy steps ahead of the girl to open a car door for her when she enters. He gets out first and holds the door for her when they arrive, unless she does not want to wait. He stands behind the car door when opening the door so as to not gawk at her legs as they swing out. In addition, he should keep his eyes up so that she knows she is able to get out of the car without you looking down her shirt or up her dress. I know the temptation, but pay attention to this guide and not up the legs and down the dress or shirt.

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