Alveda King
Alveda King

When Rolling Stone magazine published Lauren Rankin's "The Seven Most Common Lies About Abortion," what we discovered was a misstatement of the position of the reasonable voices of the proponents of life and natural women's health.

Among the so-called "lies" the article lists are "abortion causes breast cancer," "most women regret having an abortion" and "abortion is psychologically damaging to women."

If you read the article, you will discover that there is a lot of pain and frustration on both sides of the line. The pro-choice voices believe that they represent the reproductive rights of the women who go to the abortion clinic to be rid of the lives in their wombs. The pro-life voices believe that they are there to protect the women and their babies. One thing that both sides get right? Women need respect and protection. But from what? And where are the civil rights for the babies and even the fathers? Most importantly, where is the love?

Here is the truthful platform of pro-life combined with pro-women advocacy groups:

  • Many women regret abortions. I am one of the women who experienced abortion and lived to regret it.
  • Abortion and carcinogenic birth control—more appropriately termed "fertility blockers"—are linked to breast cancer.
  • In many cases, abortion has been found to be linked to cases of suicide, depression and other psychological disorders.
  • In many cases where physical and psychological issues are noted in post-abortive women, it is often also noted that no such issues were present in the lives of these mothers prior to their abortions.

Added to these facts is the truth that fathers also suffer damaging psychological effects after their children are aborted.

In her book Recall Abortion, Janet Morana uncovers the duplicitous agenda of the pro-abortion industry, debunking lies such as those told by Rolling Stone and Planned Parenthood.

Silent No More Awareness spokesman Kevin Burke and Oil of Joy Ministries have documented case studies of links to abortion and incarceration.

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, is often behind many reports and studies, such as this one by Rolling Stone.

What Planned Parenthood and their advocates refuse to admit is that abortion numbers in New York and Mississippi are upside-down, with more African-American babies being aborted than born. In 2010 in Georgia, my home state, 53 percent of all abortions were performed on black mothers and babies—with a distant 23 percent on Hispanic minorities and 24 percent on Caucasian and "others."

Finally, let's remember that the driving force behind the HHS mandate, which seeks to force taxpayers and the working class to fund fertility blockers and easy access to abortion, is Planned Parenthood's never-satisfied lust for our money and our blood.

These lies of the abortion industry hide behind clever promises to end poverty and improve our quality of life. As Father Frank Pavone often asks, "How can killing the poor serve the poor?" He has been reminding us for years that "we are our brothers' keepers." I add that we are also our sisters' and our daughters' keepers. I don't know about you, but my daughters and granddaughters and my sons and grandsons need good jobs and good education—not the pain and suffering that are often linked to abortion and carcinogenic birth control.

Let's end the word games and face the facts. Abortion kills babies and hurts mothers and fathers. Stop the lies. Defund Planned Parenthood. Stop the HHS mandate. Recall abortion. Let's make love and life, not war on the wombs of women.

Alveda C. King is the daughter of the late civil-rights activist the Rev. A.D. King and niece of Martin Luther King Jr. She is also a civil rights and pro-life activist, as well as director of the African-American outreach for Priests for LifeClick here to visit her blog.

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