A Word to the Homosexual

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David Vigil says homosexuality is one of the most controversial subjects in the church today.

Over the past years, the fabric of the American family has slowly been torn to shreds. We are now at a time in our society’s history where, by all appearance, the once-great United States has all but been lost.

Because of our neglect, the state is being given more and more control over our children. What we have historically known as right and wrong has been turned upside down. We are ever more under pressure to accept those things which are contrary to God’s Word. We are pressed to view them as simply alternative lifestyles. The momentum of this downward spiral seems unstoppable.

On the other end of the spectrum, we, the church, are manipulated by religious predators. These are people who feel it is their obligation to point out everyone else’s sin. Because of this, we are seen as a hate group. This Calvinistic mindset has embedded itself into our doctrine, thereby affecting the way we treat those who do not live up to “our standards.”

Meanwhile, blood is strewn across the mercy seat in heaven. This blood cries out for redemption for all who would call upon that Name. The words of Romans 5:8 echo through the solar systems: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (NIV).

This brings me to one of the most controversial subjects in the church today: the homosexual.

We understand that throughout history, there is consistent documentation regarding those who have struggled with same-sex attraction. Though they have typically lived in dark and dry places, today they abide as a unified voice in our society. Their lobby is insisting that the church drop its uncompromising doctrine regarding their lifestyle. They are demanding the right to marry. Their belligerent attacks against any who may disagree have induced a politically correct culture to bow to the pressure of societal acceptance.

All the while, the church is portrayed as bigoted, antiquated and irrelevant. 

Dear God, give us Your wisdom. How are we to efficaciously navigate through this season and bring glory to Your name? How do You want us to represent Your standard, Your kingdom and Your love?

Within Scripture, there are three vital truths we must deeply understand:

1. God Designed Marriage

Scripture is very clear that the marriage relationship is to be between one man and one woman. Its purpose is manifold:

Suitability. God determined that that this particular design was His fit. He could have made another man; however, he chose not to. Genesis 2:23-5 says, “'This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,' for she was taken out of man.' That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. This portrays a beautiful scenario in which there is no shame."

Procreation. When a man and woman join together in union, they reflect God’s creative ability. This is the only way new life may be created.

Exemplification. This is prophetic imagery. The one-flesh union gives visualization regarding the beauty of Christ and His church.

2. Sexual Impurity Is a Sign of Low Self-Worth

Many would like us to believe that the opposite of homosexuality is heterosexuality. My colleague Anthony Trader of Life Counsel points out that “the opposite of the both of these is sexual purity.”

For generations now, we have used sex, appearance and attainment to control human value. This has crept into the church, and we are seduced into its grasp. In order to create a similitude of justification, we have pointed out the fault of subcategories. We attack them, believing that their sin gives rational validation for our own wickedness.

3. We Are Called to Love People Trapped in Transgression

The one command that our Savior left us is very clear: We are to love. This includes the homosexual. Perhaps our vitriolic intolerance toward voluminous individuals has contributed to the vehemence with which many perceive the church. Anger and rage permeate the hearts of the wicked. A true believer who understands that God is the judge is free to love deeply.

A Word to the Homosexual

If you are a person who struggles with same-sex attraction, I would like to speak to you personally. All I can offer you are two things as I know them: truth and God’s grace.

I have never been tempted with your struggle. I don’t understand what is like to walk in your shoes. I would like to apologize for the way the church has treated you. I am so sorry for the way the way the Pharisee has condemned you. I cannot condemn you. I have a deep respect for that which Christ has done for all of us.

Every person on this planet has their sin issue. It may be gluttony, gossip, slander, judgemntalism, sexual impurity or a list of many others. Don’t stay away from church. Come in. Listen to the Word. Allow it to wash you, heal you and work mightily in your life. Let the Holy Spirit do what he does ever so gently. Pray for other believers as we all work out our own salvation. If you want to talk, feel free to call our Heal Your Servant chat line. Never let it be said that Jesus doesn’t love you. Embrace His love.

David Vigil is CEO and founder of healyourservant.com. His life focus is to serve those who have been called of God and see to it that they are free to be exactly what they have been designed to be. His ministry is based out of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Under the tender of Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, he serves to restore ministers across the globe.

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