The Real Power Behind Pentecost

Claude Bowers, Steve Strang
Claude Bowers interviews Steve Strang (right).
This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. If you watched the powerful TV miniseries The Bible (which we wrote about in our March issue), you were likely as amazed as I was at how powerfully it portrayed the Day of Pentecost. Though the series’ producers took some literary license (there was wind but no tongues of fire), it stuck close to the biblical account, and the power and anointing of a modern Pentecostal service was there. It certainly didn’t seem like just acting!

This was the first time I’d seen an attempt to portray Pentecost on television or film. That doesn’t surprise me, however, since the church in general pays little respect to Pentecost today. Though Pentecostals remain the largest segment of the evangelical church, we’ve neglected many of the fundamental aspects of being Spirit-filled that began with Pentecost. Because of this, a handful of leaders and organizations in recent years have urged churches around the world to set aside Pentecost Sunday to highlight the Holy Spirit.

Our new issue intentionally coincides with Pentecost Sunday. And as you’ll see, we do more than just highlight the Holy Spirit—we tackle everything from receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit to who the Holy Spirit is to being empowered to be witnesses ... and more. In our nearly 38 years, we’ve never done a more extensive issue about the Holy Spirit.

I wrote on May 14 about how Pentecost was not only the beginning of the church, but also is the Jewish Shavuot, which is when God gave the Law to Moses. When my longtime friend Claud Bowers saw that, he invited me to be on his television program to talk about Pentecost. You can click here to see the interview.

We offered to Claud’s viewers, as we offered in the last Strang Report, a free digital edition of our May issue that is primarily about the Holy Spirit. We’re making it available partly to promote the beautiful digital issue and to get it out to as many people as possible, but also because our print issue has sold out—it’s been that popular.

You’ll also want to read an excerpt we’ve included in the issue from Perry Stone’s new book, The Code of the Holy Spirit. Jentezen Franklin, Perry’s longtime friend, says this might be Perry’s most important book ever. (Franklin says all his children received the baptism in the Holy Spirit under Perry’s ministry.)

It’s an issue you can share with friends who have questions or are seeking the Holy Spirit. We’re posting articles, teachings and other resources about the Holy Spirit daily on our social media outlets, including my public Facebook page. We’re also partnering with Billy Wilson’s Empowered21 movement to get the word out about Pentecost Sunday. Go to, or get our Charisma News app ( to learn more—including how you can download an Empowered21 course on the Holy Spirit for free.

It doesn’t take long for missionaries in rough areas of the world to discover that they can’t minister effectively without the Holy Spirit’s power. This includes those from denominations that downplay or even oppose the work of the Spirit. That’s because those missionaries can’t confront the powers of darkness without the infilling and power of the Holy Spirit.

We think of America as a Christian nation, yet the powers of darkness are such in our own land that, like those missionaries, we can confront them only with the power and infilling of the precious Holy Spirit. We need another Pentecost today!I’ve noticed that the comments about the Holy Spirit tend to be more positive than some of the typical comments that are at the end of some of the articles we run. That’s good.

Of course, you can comment on my Strang Report. But instead, I’d really like to hear the story of how you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit or what the Holy Spirit means to you. I suggest that you not only put it in the comments below, but also post it on your own Facebook page as well.Let’s speak up about what we believe.

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