The Gay Agenda Has Reached Its Heyday

Lady Gaga
In 2011, pop artist Lady Gaga received three American Music Awards from three nominations for her smash hit “Born This Way.” Millions of young people and adults under 40 heard the gay propaganda over the airwaves, compliments of Lady Gaga. (Facebook)

Seventeen magazine has conducted a survey about the gay lifestyle for several years. To get an idea of how effective the gay rights movement has been with its public relations efforts, one only need look at this survey of Seventeen’s readers compared to earlier years. Consider its 1991 survey, which revealed that 17 percent of readers accepted homosexuality as appropriate. However, in the 1999 survey, eight years into the gay community’s PR effort, the same survey said 54 percent accept homosexuality as appropriate.

The Strategy of the Gay Agenda

In February 1988, a meeting was held with 175 gay activists in Warrenton, Va. Marshall Kirk, a Harvard-educated researcher in neuropsychiatry, and Hunter Madsen, who holds a doctorate in politics from Harvard and is an expert in persuasion tactics and social marketing, were the conveners of this meeting. In their book, After the Ball, which is a strategic battle plan to make being gay acceptable in the minds of Americans, they said, “AIDS gives us a chance, however brief, to establish ourselves as a victimized minority legitimately deserving of America’s special protection and care. It generates mass hysteria of precisely the sort that has brought about public stonings and leper colonies since the Dark Ages and before. … How can we maximize the sympathy and minimize the fear? How, given the horrid hand that AIDS has dealt us, can we best play it?”

This was the beginning of a public relations multiyear plan. They developed a public relations bible of the gay movement, and they outlined the key strategies for the movement in their book.

Their goals included:

• Break current negative associations with our cause and replace them with positive associations.

• Change what people actually think and feel.

• Reframe the terms of the debate.

• Seek desensitization and nothing more (until it doesn’t matter any more).

• Make it unlawful to discriminate against gays.

“I Was Born This Way”

In 2011, pop artist Lady Gaga received three American Music Awards from three nominations for her smash hit “Born This Way.” Millions of young people and adults under 40 heard the gay propaganda over the airwaves, compliments of Lady Gaga.

CNN weekend anchor Don Lemon revealed in 2012 he was gay during an interview. During one of his interviews with someone else on a CNN broadcast, he subtly commented to the interviewer that he knew he was born gay. Because of the power of media, viewers often take what is said as truth. Our young people have especially bought this lie that people are born gay. Yet there is no scientific data that proves a person is genetically predisposed to be gay. This deception is played out regularly in the media, with few willing to state the truth for fear of backlash from the gay community.

Most of us hear this rationale of gay activists—that they are born gay rather than their sexual preference being an influence of how they were raised and their exposure to societal factors and childhood wounds. After the Ball authors Kirk and Madsen made an amazing admission in their book: “We argue that, for all practical purposes, gays should be considered to have been born gay, even though sexual orientation, for most humans, seems to be the product of a complex interaction between innate predispositions and environmental factors during childhood and early adolescence.” Here you have an amazing admission by gay leaders: “We are not born gay.”

What is the gay community’s ultimate goal? It isn’t just to get acceptance. It is far more than that. David Kupelian explains, “The end game is not only to bring about the complete acceptance of homosexuality, including same-sex marriage, but also to prohibit and even criminalize public criticism of homosexuality. In other words, total jamming of criticism with the force of law. This is already the case in Canada and parts of Scandinavia.”

Let’s face it: God didn’t create Adam and Joe. He created Adam and Eve. However, being right about an issue has very little redemptive value in helping a gay person we know is in bondage but may be unwilling to admit it.

Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders and author of Change Agent and TGIF Today God Is First.

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