Liberal Politics Invade America’s Moral Realm

The White House
(Reuters/Jason Reed)
For more than 200 years, American politics presented numerous and conflicting positions of which people of good faith could agree or disagree. It didn’t impact the moral foundation and the national relationship with God.

Over the last few decades, American liberal politics have invaded the moral realm of human existence via homosexual approval, funding of abortion, etc.

However, this current administration has become so deviant it can only be described as evil and demonic. These policies have repudiated God. For example:

1. The Democratic party expelled God from their party platform for the first time in history.

2. President Barack Obama demands that ministries and churches provide health care coverage for employees’ contraceptives, etc. This is a gross affront to biblical moral values and “spits” in the face of God. God repudiates it and the demons rejoice.

3. Obama and government endorse same-sex marriage in diametric opposition to God’s express will. God doesn’t condemn what He creates. He calls the sinner to repentance.

4. Socialist economics is demonic in its basis because it consolidates the economic power into the tyranny of the government. Keep in mind that the apostle Paul said that God gave us these blessings to enjoy.

In Deuteronomy, God told Moses that he had given them the power to get wealth. Free market releases the human potential God gave man.

5. Biblically, the rich and poor are to be judged on the same basis without prejudice. To raise taxes on the rich is not biblical. The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 clearly repudiates Obama’s “fair share” economics.

This administration has assaulted the church, forcing its immorality via contraceptives and sexualization of the nation, bringing evil upon the nation.

6. The vote: According to 2 John 10-11, if you vote for anyone who embraces that which God condemns, you will be held guilty of that condemnation—i.e., if you vote for someone who endorses and promotes abortion, you will be condemned as an abortionist.

7.  When Pharaoh rebelled against God, he was the only one to commit this sin. Yet the curses fell on the whole nation of Egypt, as they didn’t have a voice in their government.

8.  The satanic influence throughout this administration is incredible. We are now warned that if it continues, the nation will be at risk. If we reject God, we reject His blessing and protection.

Tony Nassif is the president and founder of the Preventing Abuse Foundation.

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