Morning Rundown: ‘Holy Spirit’ Church Has Blasphemous Taylor Swift Service


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‘Holy Spirit’ Church Has Blasphemous Easter Service

Taylor Swift’s music has found its home at The Church of the Holy Spirit.

As the Christian Post reported, the historic church in Heidelberg, Germany decided to have a worship service centered around the pop star’s music.

The event played off of Swift’s song, “Anti-Hero” as it was called: “Anti-Hero—Taylor Swift Church Service.” It was so large it took not one but two services with 1,200 congregants in attendance.

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Benny Hinn’s Prayer for His Critics: ‘We Forgive and Love’

During the second part of his exclusive interview with Stephen Strang on the Strang Report podcast, Pastor Benny Hinn took the time to pray for all of those watching. This comes at a time when controversy has stirred around a four-hour-long video scrutinizing Hinn’s past failures in ministry.

Hinn’s prayer began with the understanding of the power of forgiveness. He focused on the fact that even Jesus forgave us during His crucifixion.

Lord, thank you, first, for your grace and thank you for your love and mercy on all of us. And dearest Jesus, when you hung on the cross you said, ‘Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.’ And Lord, today we forgive those who have spoken against us and said things that should not have been said against us. But Lord, we forgive and we love.

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‘Pentecost 2.0’: Kathryn Krick Shares Powerful Testimony of Revival and Healing

Apostle Kathryn Krick is joyfully sharing how God’s mighty and faithful hand moved in miraculous healing and revival during the Flourish Conference at Five-Fold Church in L.A.

“God had spoken to me that it would be like the day of Pentecost,” Krick wrote in a statement to Charisma Media. “God far surpassed our expectations! Many are calling it Pentecost 2.0! Glory to God!”

Krick says attendance was around 1,000 people, and she and the others were expectant to see God move powerfully. Krick says the presence of the Lord was thick, as God brought unity between people from 33 nations and 40 states.

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