Kate Middleton Prophecy: God Did Not Give Her Cancer

Kate Middleton

It’s one of the questions people may be wondering: Did God give Kate Middleton cancer?

In a recent video, Troy Black shared with the world his prophetic word about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis. While the entire world has been set back in a daze as both the Princess of Wales and King Charles have announced their current struggles with cancer, Black says we should not be too quick to blame what is happening here on God.

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“Some people say ‘this is what they get,'” Black says. “They’re saying ‘this is what God put on their family.'”

However, just because some people believe that this is something God did to the royal family does not make it true.

“Then I heard the Lord say this. He said, ‘But that’s not the way I work. I didn’t give her cancer, and I don’t give that to people. That’s not the way I work,'” Black prophesies.

Black says that if this is not how God works, if He does not put the plague of cancer on people, then that means other forces are at work that have been a part of this.

“There also exists an enemy of God and of God’s people, and of the entire world, and his name is Satan,” Black says.

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Black likens this to the book of Job where Satan is allowed to do things to Job, however, it was not God who was the one actively doing the things that caused great pain to Job.

“He allowed Satan to have a certain authority over Job for a time for a certain reason,” Black says.

For Black, what he says God revealed to him is how cancer is a result of sin on this earth. It can and sometimes is used for the glory of God, but quite often it is a consequence of sin being released into this world through the fall. As Black confirms that cancer itself is not from God, says that how the Lord is using her diagnosis will help her build up endurance and strength. Black also interprets this message to mean that the princess will have a long life.

“A lengthy stay, an earthly legacy being planted over plenty of time,” Black prophesies. “Her faith is rising and it will be on display for all to see.”

The most critical component of what is going on with the princess is how she decides to center her hope. Black says this is a call for prayer so that Kate will place her hope and trust in Christ through this storm.

“She’s about to showcase a strength found in few,” Black prophesies. “She’s going to put on a show, she’s in for a ride, but I’m going to show mercy…I’m releasing mercy over her, the strength to endure.”

As the royal family grapples with cancer this is the perfect time for us to join Troy Black in prayer for Kate Middleton as she deals with cancer while also being one of the most influential people of our day and age.{eoa}

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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