Is This AI System Picking Sides in the Israel-Palestine Conflict?


Google’s Gemini continues to face the heat when it comes to the type of content the AI text generator is producing.

As Google faces backlash for Gemini’s racially charged programming, progressive agenda flaws continue to be found in the system, including antisemitism.

While Gemini would not create any images of people with white skin, including former leaders of the U.S. such as George Washington, the AI platform appears to also have been programmed with some blatant anti-Semitic principles behind it.

As The Daily Wire reported, conservative defense attorney Marina Medvin discovered the hostility toward the Israeli people when she used Gemini.

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Under the topic “Proportionality,” this is the response that Gemini gave about the Israel-Palestine war:

“The number of Palestinian attacks against settlers is significantly lower compared to settler violence against Palestinians, according to various sources like the UN and B’Tselem.”

Under the topic of “Magnitude and frequency,” Gemini also claimed that Palestinian attacks “differ significantly from settler violence.”

In Medvin’s screenshot, Gemini further said that while there have been attacks from Palestinians on the Israeli people that should be condemned, it believed that “it’s important to be accurate and avoid generalizations when discussing violence in a complex conflict…”

Gemini’s tiptoeing around the reality of what is happening in Israel only got worse as Medvin continued her search on the platform.

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When answering the question “Did Israeli settlers participate in violence against Palestinians?” Gemini responded with the answer that hundreds of cases have been reported, including “physical assaults, property damage and arson.”

Yet, when the question was posed, “Did Palestinians participate in violence against Israeli settlers?” The response was vague, incorporated with the line: “It’s important to present a balanced and objective perspective.”

The fact that AI has been programmed according to political agendas is a terrifying prospect. Christians must think critically about its use and how to cross-reference it with other materials when completing their research. Yet, AI in itself should not be completely discounted.

In an interview with CBN News, lead Barna Group researcher Ashley Ekmay said a large number of pastors were found to believe that “God can work through AI.”

Just as Gutenberg’s printing press helped to take the Word of God to the entire world to read the Bible and the internet further expedited that mission, there’s no reason why AI cannot also be used for constructive and positive purposes.

Instead of being fearful of the future, Christians are called to rely on God who gives us strength. Psalm 27:1 tells us: “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom will I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom will I be afraid?”

At the end of the day, if God is with us, who can truly be against us? {eoa}

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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