Chris Reed Shares Prophetic Word on the Future of China’s Xi Jinping


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Unprecedented mass protests are unfolding right now across China. The country is seeing the largest pushback in decades, following their “zero COVID strategy” still in place today. China’s Communist Party has continued to enforce lockdowns, testing and travel restrictions—but now people are rising up and fighting back.

Charisma News sat down with Morningstar President Chris Reed to hear his prophetic word from God on the downfall of Xi Jinping’s rule.

On Oct. 1st Reed heard from God, “The change that will come to the communist party of China will shock the world. Xi Jinping is not the permanent ruler of China, for he will be replaced in a surprising way, and a surprising time, with struggle.”

Reeds prophetic word came at an unusual time as Xi Jinping was just re-elected for a third term. Week’s later protestors started calling for the leader to step down after a deadly fire sparked protests. Citizens have been demanding answers on whether the first responders and victims trying to escape the building on Nov. 24 were stopped by locked doors and other COVID protocols.

This kind of speech against the president is punishable by law in China and has required great strength and boldness from the citizens.

Reed says that God told him someone new will come into power. “But his replacement won’t be in power long, for this cruel one will be placed there only to stoke the fires of revolution uprising. The dissatisfaction that has been contained in the Chinese people, will be contained no longer.”

This is the most significant protest since the 1989 riots on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The movement was led by students who fighting for greater freedom of speech and less government censorship.

Tune in to the full interview with Reed to hear the prophetic word on the revolution to come and what he is hearing from God for 2023.

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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