Todd White Believing for $19 Million for Training Center to Impact the Nations

Todd White prays for someone at the gym.

Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity is asking for partners for the new Lifestyle Christianity Training Center.

“In 2015, God spoke to Todd and I about moving to Dallas because He promised us if we move there, He would put a team around us and there would be an international training center, an international hub where we would train people and send them out to the nations,” Tom Ruotolo of Lifestyle Christianity says in a new video.

The organization believes it has found the fulfillment of that promise in a massive Dallas-Fort Worth area center and is in the process of purchasing a 36-acre campus.

The property is more than 200,000 square feet with a sanctuary to sit 2,000-3,000.

Lifestyle Christianity intends to use the building as its headquarters, as well as host nine-month-long training courses based off the Power and Love three-day conferences.

“The miraculous needs to be a byproduct of sonship,” White says in the video. “We’re not just going to teach people how to walk in the gifts, but we’re going to teach them who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them. Imagine multiplying what we’re doing at Power and Love by training up leaders who cannot just preach great messages but actually walk out a life of love and power that Jesus created us to do where His works would flow through us every day, everywhere.”

The campus costs $19 million, and Lifestyle Christianity is believing for the Lord to provide so it can own the center debt-free. You can find out more here.

Here’s what White told Charisma about the training center.

How did this vision come about?

“In 2015, God told me to move to the Dallas area. He told me that—if we moved to Dallas—he would put a team around us and we would have a ministry headquarters where God would expand the kingdom impact of the ministry. So, in 2016, we moved to Dallas and God has been faithful to send us faithful, dedicated people to work on our staff and leadership team. The vision for the training center came about as God directed us that intensive-style teaching and training in identity and sonship were necessary to see this lifestyle of Christianity expanded across the earth. Training people at this center for eight to nine months or more at a time will allow people to make the power, love and sound mind of Jesus a part of their daily experience.”

How did you find the building?

 “We knew that God was going to direct us to the property soon because we felt so strongly that the Dallas area was the place God had for our headquarters. I was at Awakening Europe in Prague with my friend Ben Fitzgerald when I received a call from one of our team members who had heard about this facility that had a seating capacity of 3,000 people. I had heard in my heart that the facility that God had for us was going to seat 3,000 people. As soon as I heard that the property had this potential seating capacity, I knew in my heart that this was the property. As soon as I returned to Dallas from this trip, we toured the entire facility, and I was overwhelmed with the fact that God had led us to such an ideal facility—it is exactly what we need to accomplish what God has placed in my heart.” 

What is the Holy Spirit saying about this move?

 “I shared the footage of the facility with Shawn Bolz after we located the video, because Shawn had said that he didn’t just have an impression in his heart regarding the facility. He said that God gave him a picture of the campus, and, as soon as he saw the video, he said he immediately recognized the property as the property in his vision.” 

How can a campus like this change your ministry? What about the world?

 “I’m just so excited for what God is doing. We’ll be able to raise up hundreds and hundreds of people at a time to walk like normal Christians. What we’re after is reproducing a fully surrendered lifestyle of Christianity—just like the name of the ministry. We want to teach and train identity. People will come here and train at a place where loving people in everyday settings is a core part of day-to-day activation. My heart and my dream is to see people sent out across the world to multiply this training on a larger scale. With this new intensive training, we can affect cities, we can affect towns, and—we believe—whole countries. We’ve got this media generation that’s out there and so what we are going to do is utilize media to send out content from this training center all over the world!

 “I’m always thinking about how I can encourage and empower a younger generation and an older generation to walk—every generation—to walk just like Jesus walked. I know that if I can just put the simplicity of the things God has placed in my heart into the hands of people—believing that they can get into the hearts of people—I can reproduce this thing God has given me, which is a burden for people, a burden for the lost and a burden for the world!”

How would you respond to critics who may think you are doing this for personal gain?

“God has given us the vision for this facility, and we know that wherever God gives us vision, He empowers it to happen. We’re believing that He is directing our steps and that this new training center will allow us to exponentially multiply what God is calling us to do, which is activate the Church into a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle.”

Watch the video for all the details.



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