Nationwide Prayer Vigil to Fight Abortion


On Saturday, a pro-life group called 40 Days for Life will conclude its 40-day prayer and fasting campaign by organizing 24-hour prayer vigils outside abortion clinics across the country. Prayer has been ongoing since Sept. 26, and the group’s leaders are asking all pro-life supporters in churches and ministries to take action by joining in the daylong prayer vigil Saturday.

“Saturday is the busiest day of the week at most abortion facilities. That’s when the need for prayer is greatest,” said David Bereit, national campaign director for 40 Days for Life. “We are inviting pro-life believers across America to join in solidarity with 40 Days for Life by holding simultaneous prayer vigils outside every abortion center and Planned Parenthood facility in the United States … any location where people are willing to stand and pray.”

According to its organizers, thousands of pro-life participants in the 40-day mission have prayed, fasted and peacefully stood outside abortion clinics in 33 states and nearly 100 communities, resulting in an estimated 300 cancellations of planned abortions.

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