Morning Rundown: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Bank Crisis

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Bank Crisis

The second largest shut down of a bank in U.S. history just happened and now everyone is wondering if this will have a domino effect. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) which is America’s 16th largest commercial bank collapsed last week along with Signature Bank.

SVB, along with many other banks invested the money coming throughout their doors into bonds, a seemingly normal practice. With the continual spike in interest rates, the price of the bonds fell and the assets which many banks relied on decreased in price. This drove worried depositors to rush to the ATM and withdrawal their money out of their accounts. Now, there is a question on whether other banks will follow in the same footsteps as SVB.

President Joe Biden assured Americans on Monday that “our banking system is safe,” adding: “We will do whatever is needed on top of all this.”

How Lonnie Frisbee Became the Catalyst for the Jesus Movement

There has been a resurgence of interest in evangelist Lonnie Frisbee. With the release of Greg Laurie’s powerful movie, Jesus Revolution, more people are asking about Lonnie.

It was apparent that Lonnie was a main catalyst to the Jesus Movement. Although the movie captured a small portion of Lonnie’s story, what was seen on-screen was a small paraphrase into the life of a man I have studied over the years.

After reading two of Lonnie’s books compiled by Roger Sachs who transcribed the evangelist’s words onto the printed page, my oldest son and I had the pleasure of meeting Roger at The Send Orlando in 2019. I’d asked him a few questions and he prayed, laying hands and prophesying over us. I then anxiously awaited the release of the third book in the series and when I received it I honestly wept before the Lord. I highly recommend that you read them in their entirety to get more insight into the Jesus Movement and what God did afterwards until Lonnie’s untimely death.

More Evidence That the World Is Losing Its Mind

In the midst of many positive things that are happening in America and abroad, including the beginnings of both spiritual and moral awakenings, there’s also plenty of evidence that, on another level, the world is losing its mind. Here are some striking, recent examples.

Writing for Breitbart, Jack Montgomery reported that, “Women and ‘non-binary’ people with breasts will be able to go topless at Berlin swimming pools after a ruling from the German capital’s diversity ombudsman.”

Indeed, “Dr. Doris Liebscher, who heads the city’s ombudsman office, hailed the change, saying: ‘The ombudsman very much welcomes the decision of the bathing establishments because it creates equal rights for all Berliners, whether male, female or non-binary and because it also creates legal certainty for the staff in the bathing establishments.'” {eoa}

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