Ken Starr, Christian Billboards, Al-Qaida Threats and More

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In case you haven’t been reading news over the holiday weekend, here’s a round up of some interesting stories relating to Christians, Christianity and the Middle East:

The Dallas Morning News reports that Baylor President Ken Starr, whose claim to fame is investigating Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewkinsky, is aiming to exalt faith and academic rigor at the Christian university he leads.

The debate over God continues on a New Jersey billboard as an atheist message is replaced by a Christian proclamation that “God is,” the UPI reports.

NPR offers a look at Christian tourism, which has become a billion dollar industry for Israeli and Palestinian tour operators that capitalize on the region’s holy sites.

The AP reports that an Al-Qaida threat on Iraq Christians is linked to Egypt.

Finally, the Dallas Morning News tells the story of a young Dallas artist that refuses to  let illness his illness hinder his goal of creating an illustrated Bible.

What were the most interesting stories you read about over Christmas?


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