Jill Austin Dies

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Jill Austin, a prominent prophetic minister and founder of Master Potter Ministries, died on Friday evening after complications involving two emergency surgeries last week.

“Our beloved Jill went home to be with Jesus,” read a statement on the Web site of Austin’s Laguna Hills, Calif.-based ministry. “Thank you all for standing with us and praying. She is now with her best friend, Holy Spirit, and dancing with her destiny.”

Austin was a veteran leader within the prophetic movement, ministering the presence and power of the Holy Spirit worldwide for nearly three decades, both in person and through books such as Dancing With Destiny and Master Potter.

Last Tuesday, doctors discovered Austin’s intestines were twisted, which were cutting off her blood supply. Life-threatening infections set in and Austin underwent two emergency surgeries in which parts of her stomach, intestines and colon were removed.

By Friday morning her blood pressure was dangerously low and her kidneys were beginning to fail. “Jill is in the most crucial hour of her life,” her ministry stated on Friday. “We are asking God for a creative miracle in this hour to realign her body with heaven.”

Steve Shultz, founder of the Elijah List prophetic-ministry Web portal, sent out an urgent prayer alert on Thursday calling on intercessors to pray for Austin.

Austin was unable to recover from her second surgery and died Friday evening.

Funeral services will be held today in Lee’s Summit, Mo., near the International House of Prayer (IHOP), where she regularly ministered. Memorial services will be held at IHOP on Monday morning, prior to the funeral, and again on Friday at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif.

More details are available at Master Potter Ministries Web site here: www.masterpotter.com


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