Harold Camping: World Will End by Oct. 21

Harold Camping looks for end of the world.

May came and went and we’re still here. But be warned: the end of the world is probably going to be Oct. 21. So says Harold Camping, the doomsday prophet who insisted earlier this year that Jesus would rapture the church on May 21.

Camping said he was “flabbergasted” when the rapture didn’t happen in May, but quickly offered his next prophetic utterance: May 21 was Judgment Day in a spiritual sense and that judgment will continue right up until Oct. 21. By that time, the founder of Family Radio promised, the whole world will be destroyed.

After getting released from a nursing home where he was rehabilitating from a June stroke, Camping offered an update on his prophetic word in an audio message posted on Family Radio’s website:

“We would have not been able to be used [by God] to bring about the tremendous event that occurred on May 21 of this year, which probably [will] be finished out on Oct. 21 that’s coming very shortly,” Camping said. “That looks like it will be … the final end of everything.”

Based on his continued study of the Bible, Camping went on to say that, “Probably there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God” during the rapture. He added, “This is very comforting to all of us because we all have children, we all have loved ones that are dear to us that we know are not saved and yet we know that they’ll quietly die.”

What about born-again believers who are looking forward to an eternity with Christ? Camping says Christians will “quietly receive the new heaven and the new earth.”

How are you addressing this issue with unbelievers who are scared the world is going to end in October?

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