Frank Amedia: God Has Shown Me What Will Happen With This Election if We Do Our Part


In the wee hours of Friday morning, Oct. 2, President Trump and the first lady learned that they had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. By 6 p.m. the same day, the leader of the free world was transported from the White House to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. We learned from Mark Meadows, his chief of staff, that the president’s “vitals” had become “very concerning and the next 48 hours [would] be critical.”

Immediately I mobilized our POTUS Shield warriors, watchmen and worshippers to intercede for their recovery. The outlook looked bleak. It seemed like every day, hour and minute were critical if there could be a comeback for his failing candidacy. But the Lord has told me there is hope, and it ties in with the prophetic words He has given me all the way through this tumultuous journey as well as our continuing need to intercede on Trump’s behalf.

The Lord had shown me earlier in the year a vision of the president stuck in the mire of quicksand, sinking and drowning in muck up to his chin. But in the vision, the thumb and finger of the Lord suddenly appeared from above and snatched him out of this death grip, hurling him high into the sky to soar. Was this what I was seeing in the vision?

In prayer I sought the Lord for why the president had contracted the coronavirus only 30 days before the election. It was a stunning setback.

You must judge what I saw next. It was a surreal encounter. It was as if I could see the face of the president as he witnessed his own body succumbing to a critical scenario he had heard of many times in briefings—labored breathing assisted by oxygen, spiking fever and exhaustion. Alone, in the dark, in a moment of despair and wonderment, he quietly cried to the Lord to rescue him. The love of the Father flooded his soul, and at once, all fear was gone. There was a lingering session where time was suspended as he experienced the heart of the Father, and the Father touched his heart.

Donald Trump, the executive, was trained and nurtured in the persona of practical business. His view of fatherhood was influenced by his own father who sent him away as a young teenager to a military school and then trained him up to be a tough businessman. But what was lacking in their relationship was intimacy. Trump now had a new and wonderful metric of fatherhood. He and His heavenly Father touched hearts. Now he could view his own position with the knowledge and experience of the Father’s love.

And then I received this word: “My servant entered the hospital as the CEO of the United States, but he shall depart as a father of the nation.”

This is our prayer: “I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6).

I remember a word of the Lord I felt led to give to then-candidate Trump in Ohio on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries in 2016. As he was boarding his plane at the Youngstown Airport to depart for Palm Beach, I had written a note with a prophecy, and one of his staff handed it to him as he boarded the plane. I didn’t disclose the prophecy until much later. It said, “If you will humble yourself to the Lord, not man, but sincerely to the Lord, then you shall be the next president of the United States.”

Trump’s humbling moment came after the Billy Bush tape with locker room talk was released in October, only 30 days before the 2016 election. When that happened, the outcome for Trump’s victory was dismal. My faith was flickering. Hillary Clinton and her consortium of political, social, media, entertainment and economic supporters were already planning for her ascension to the presidency.

At the time, Trump was deemed to be so far behind in national and battleground state polls that his chances were slim to none. His campaign was being outspent nearly 4 to 1. Republicans were defecting, leaders in the party began to distance themselves from him (some calling for him to drop out of the race).

But as I have learned from some inside sources, the man himself was remorseful, broken that he had caused embarrassment to his wife and family and had disappointed his supporters and people of faith. Most importantly, he prayed and asked his Savior for forgiveness and to help him.

We know the rest. I believe God heard, God moved and at 3 a.m. Nov. 9, Donald J Trump accepted his election as the 45th president of the United States. Thirty minutes later, at 3:30 a.m., the vision, burden and anointing of POTUS Shield fell upon me.

We find ourselves in a remarkably similar position here in October 2020 as the days are counting off to the Nov. 3 election. President Trump is trailing in the polls (nationally and in critical battleground states). Again, he is being outspent 4 to1, and some Republican leaders are distancing themselves from the president as they are fearful of a Biden win. Meanwhile, the media conspiracy against him is even worse, and recent events including his illness seem to have severely handicapped his election chances. And let’s face it, he has bumbled some opportunities to close the gap including the painful debacle of the first debate.

But there is only one answer to this impossible scenario: But God (again in 2020).

Several times this year I have issued words that are well-documented, and now we are seeing come to pass. They are important to understand this latest word about Donald Trump and the election. Many won’t understand or accept this but as the Bible says: “he who has ears, let him hear.”

I released the word of the Lord earlier this year that there would be three major shifts going up to Nov. 3. The first was obvious and is the COVID-19 pandemic. This diabolical onslaught injected a dark fear into the world.

The second, on Sunday May 24, (which was videotaped as I gave it at Touch Heaven Canfield Church) was that a spirit of lawlessness and a spirit of delusion were soon to be released upon the earth and in our nation. The very next day, on May 25, George Floyd was killed and our nation has been reeling in chaos, anger, division and deception ever since.

Prior to this, in April, I released the vision I mentioned of Trump sinking in quicksand. Then in the latter part of May I shared the Word of the Lord that He would cause a third shift that would be clear to all was divine intervention. As the POTUS Shield prayer warriors prayed, I released that our appeal could only be justified to Almighty God to deliver us and our nation and the president for His own name’s sake. No other cause would suffice. In June I released the word of the Lord that this divine shift would be progressive, but that the first manifestation would be in mid to latter September, around Rosh Hashanah.

Then at 11:30 p.m., Aug. 20, as I was watching Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, I was agitated in my spirit as Biden looked into the camera and mocked President Trump for believing in a “miracle” to eradicate the Chinese coronavirus, and he then declared, “There will be no more miracle.” I cried out to God, asking him to avenge His own name and to respond to this blasphemy!

The Spirit led me to Scriptures about Hezekiah that told how he and his nation were about to be overwhelmed by the Assyrian army which had overwhelming forces at the gates of Jerusalem. As the Assyrians mocked him, his faith and God. Hezekiah cried out to God: “This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy. For children have come to birth, and there is no strength to bring them forth” (Isa. 37:3).

As I prayed this diligently, the Lord had me prophesy that just as He declared through Isaiah to Hezekiah, so would he respond to this blasphemy: That He would send a blast! (Isa. 37:7). I believe that we are to intercede as spiritual midwives, to help to push through what I call the “Hezekiah Blast.” And again, that the blast ( Hebrew word nephesh, which is the breath of God) would manifest on or around Rosh Hashanah. But God also showed me there would be at least three, if not four, more epic moments during Sukkot and then through October that would turn the darkness into light as pertains to the doom and gloom upon this election and nation.

The following events occurred beginning right on Rosha Shana in mid-September:

—Friday, Sept. 18, right at sundown EDT, the beginning of Rosh Hashana: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died. This made the way for the prophecy I had released back on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, that President Trump would appoint three justices to the Supreme Court. It also provided a legal possibility to overturn Roe v. Wade. (I admit I was getting very anxious that time was running out

—Sept. 26: The national and international repentance event, “The Return,” convened in Washington, D.C., organized by Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip. To close the day of repentance, I released the prophetic word over the nation that the Lord was going forth in His fury, for His name’s sake, to deliver our nation from this day of trouble.

—Oct. 2: President Trump was stricken with COVID-19.

—Oct. 13: Hunter Biden’s emails begin to be released showing proof of corruption and influence peddling by the Biden family.

Here is what I believe is our assignment for the president and through the election: to push/pray that the fury of the Lord, for His own name’s sake, will accomplish what He has set out to do, even as the Hezekiah blast is destined to be the force of strength to bring the children to birth. Listen to my podcast with Steve Strang at this link and watch the entire prophetic word here. Please share this important word and call your spheres of influence to action. God is calling us to pray with force and fury in His name! {eoa}


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