Charisma February Issue Goes Beyond Valentine’s Hype, Focuses on Higher Love

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While most people will celebrate romantic love later this month, the February issue of Charisma magazine is already placing the spotlight on an even greater love: the love of God.

Charisma’s February thematic issue—called “The Love Issue” behind the scenes—takes a look at seven facets of God’s multidimensional love by offering teachings, testimonies and remarkable accounts of lives restored and transformed by the love of God.

“It’s impossible to fully describe God’s love,” says Charisma editor Marcus Yoars. “In fact, that’s part of this issue’s underlying point—that you can’t contain the description of His love in any amount of pages. And although the seven facets we chose are just a tiny fraction of the entire spectrum, each is unmistakable, powerful and unique in displaying the multifaceted heart of God.”

Best-selling author Francis Chan kicks off the issue by reflecting on God’s “crazy” love, while worship leader Misty Edwards offers a Bible teaching on God’s unrelenting passion for people in her article, “I Burn for You.” Evangelist Scott Hinkle’s “The Great Chase” furthers that concept by reminding readers how God’s pursuing love invites us to join Him in drawing people to Himself.

Alongside those teachings is an inspirational testimony about a former lesbian turned evangelist, as well as profiles on Furious Love filmmaker Darren Wilson and missionary Philip Cameron, whose efforts to shelter potential sex slaves in Moldova are transforming the tiny country. Other features in Charisma’s February issue include a first-person account from ex-Korn guitarist and former drug addict Brian “Head” Welch on God’s forgiving love entitled “You Can Start Over.”

“If there’s ever a topic all believers can get excited about, it’s the multifaceted, never-ending love of God!” Yoars says. “I’m excited that Charisma readers have a chance this month to see beyond the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and be encouraged by God’s higher love.”

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