4-1-1 on Phone-in Healings


In today’s world you can do just about anything over the phone: order food, pay your bills, watch movies … and now you can get your healing too. At least that’s the premise of an evangelism outreach in Seal Beach, Calif. For those too busy to visit a church to have hands laid on them, two Seal Beach ministries have your back—and want your ear.

Benjamin Altschul, pastor of Great Among the Nations, and Gwyn Vaughn, senior pastor of Faith Christian Assembly, hold events to let people phone in their prayer requests for healing—and they expect miracles. These phone-in healing prayers are bearing fruit, says Altschul, a Holocaust survivor-turned-Christian pastor. He claims “hundreds of miracles” occurred over the years from the phone-in healing outreaches, such as a crippled man who threw away his cane and walked strong and a bed-ridden woman who jumped up, got dressed and rushed to the church to testify of God’s healing power.

“The power of God’s Word to heal and restore people can easily be delivered via the telephone line,” Altschul says, “because we all know that Jesus healed the sick, and Jesus continues to heal the sick.”

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