Suspect’s Horrifying Searches Before Murder of Pastor’s Wife and Friend

Veronica and Jilian

One of the murder suspects in the killing of Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley was found to have purchased multiple tasers and made specific searches about pain before the incident occurred.

As Fox News reported, suspect Tifany Machel Adams purchased five tasers and researched pain levels the day before the murder of Butler and Kelley occurred. A pistol magazine was also found among Adams’ purse, but the gun itself was not found.

As investigators looked into Adams’ phone, they allegedly found searches for “taser pain level, prepaid cell phones, gun shops” and “how to get someone out of [your] house.”

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Adams, is the paternal grandmother of Veronica Butler’s children and it is believed that the murder was planned as a way to gain custody over the children. Her son, Wrangler Rickman, was in a rehabilitation center when the murders took place. Butler and Kelley were on their way to a court-supervised visitation to see Butler’s children when the two went missing. Kelley, the wife of Pastor Heath Kelley, went along as the supervisor for the visit.

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The other suspects in the case include Adams’ boyfriend, Tad Cullum, and Cole and Cora Twombly. All were reportedly part of the “God’s Misfits” group along with Adams. The group is known for their antigovernmental beliefs woven in with religion.

The leader of “God’s Misfits,” who goes by the name “Squirrel,” reportedly condemned the actions by the murder suspects in an interview with NewsNation.

“The God I serve condemns such hate,” Squirrel said. “I have no relation with them at all.”

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