Netanyahu Vows to Destroy Enemies on Israel’s Independence Day

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Independence Day looked drastically different this year amid war with Gaza.

As the Jerusalem Post reported, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered hope and encouragement in the middle of the ongoing war. He spoke of the great ways the spirit of God had delivered Israel from their enemies in the past and the great battle they face at this moment against Hamas.

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“The desire to destroy us has not disappeared,” Netanyahu says. “We saw this on October 7. This year’s Independence Day is not like any other year’s Independence Day. The war is still raging. It was forced upon us on that dark day of the horrendous massacre.”

Netanyahu promised the people of Israel the hostages taken by Hamas would be found and brought back home. He vowed to make sure those who have been evacuated from their homes would be able to go back safely. Above all, he promised for the eradication of Hamas in honor of the wounded and slain.  

“When I meet many of them, and with the families of the fallen, they say: ‘Our heroes did not die in vain, they were not wounded in vain. Do not stop until the Hamas monsters are eradicated.’ And I promise: That is what we will do,” Netanyahu says.

Netanyahu went on to encourage the Israelis that they will make it through this hardship together.

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“The torches that we set ablaze this evening will shine a bright light on the miracle that is our country. They recount, in flames, the story of our incredible nation. We will raise our flags and torches in honor of our nation,” Netanyahu says.

This powerful speech by Israel’s leader comes at a time when darkness has even taken over the celebrations in place for Independence Day.

The Israel Hayom reported that instead of having Israeli dignitaries come out to celebrate the torch lighting on Mount Herzl, the event was pre-recorded for safety purposes. Smaller celebrations focused on the lost took place among the Israeli army. These downsized events showcase the reality that Israel is not in a place to complete their normal celebrations like air force flyovers and beach parties.

Instead, 100,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv’s “Hostages Square” during this Independence Day. The Times of Israel reported that the rally was hosted by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. This type of mourning differs wildly from the usual Independence Day festivities.

During this time of pain and suffering in Israel, we must keep the families of those who have lost or been separated from their loved ones in our prayers.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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