Why This Prophetic Call Is the Greatest End-Times Message the Church Could Hear

"The 5-G Shift" is a blueprint for spiritual revolution in the church. (Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash)

Bishop Bart Pierce, senior pastor at Rock City Church in Baltimore, Maryland, says the greatest end-times message the church can hear is right at our fingertips in God's Word in the fourth chapter of Malachi.

"It's time for the hearts of the fathers, and I'm talking about spiritual fathers, to return to the hearts of the children that God has placed in the church," Pierce told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "The church needs something fresh. We need leaders who carry the presence of God, and also impart it to the younger generation—regardless of how they look."

Pierce says God has given the church a prophetic call to engage each generation with the transformative power of the gospel. Reaching back to the younger generations, he says, will help "turn this thing around" and see generations "who are in the streets and killing one another because they have no identity" rise up for God and for the kingdom.

In his new book, The 5-G Shift, Pierce has laid out a blueprint for spiritual revolution, a "transpneumigration" that sees the transferal of the power of God to the next generation until Jesus returns.

"I'm very concerned. Prophetically, I would say that the church may be at a tipping point of trouble unless we turn to reach to those behind us," Pierce says. "The older Christian community is all about heaven, that we're going to see and go to glory. But the problem with that is, we have easily forgotten those that are behind us.

"They are in desperate need for older generations to stop reaching in front of them and to reach behind them. The future of the church and the world is not in front of you. It's behind you."

Listen to this podcast to see how the 5-G shift can be a world-changer for the church.

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