Salvation Has Nothing to Do With a Feeling

(Steve Greene)
Most people do not think of themselves as "creative."

I've taught many classes in creativity and even conducted executive seminars on the topic. I usually begin a session by asking students to answer the question, "Are you creative?"

I don't ask them to raise their hands because a creative person might prefer to raise a foot and that could get awkward in a classroom. Initially, I only want a student to assess their own creative quotient.

Through the years, I've noticed a decline in self-awareness of creativity in my crude research. I blame it on the iPhone. I blame all my other foibles on technology so why not pile on? In general, people aren't feeling very creative these days.

So, I really like what's happening in men's apparel to boost the feeling of creativity.

I really like the new sock stock that seems to keep showing up in my email and clothing catalogs. Socks are fun again and I'm wearing them! I can feel my creative quotient climbing from my toes to my head. People may point and laugh but it's a small price to pay for seeing a new way forward.

However, we don't walk by feelings and creativity is not fueled by feelings.

We are born to create. God made us in His image and He is creative.

I believe everyone can be taught to create on demand. Leaders can and should teach creativity. It can be as simple as allowing people to stumble through their projects. Don't solve every problem your team faces. Struggles encourage creative solutions.

When things stop working the way things have always worked, it's a great time to buy new socks.

God has gifted you to create. Give thanks.


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Today's Scripture

"For everything created by God is good, and not to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving" (1 Tim. 4:4).



Platform Tip No. 121

As you begin to build your platform, expect to hear from people who don't like it. You know the drill.

"Pastors shouldn't do this and pastors shouldn't do that."

But clearly we are called to help people. It is much more effective to allow people to tell us when they WANT help. People in need search until they find content that addresses their felt needs.

We have trudged through decades of "interruptive help." Broadcast media does not wait to be invited in. Media barges through programming and TELLS.

It's better to be asked. And that's what happens with your platform.

It sits there on a cloud somewhere waiting to be asked.



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