The Irrefutable Evidence of Healing Miracles at Murillo Crusade


Mario May TestimonyThere are many skeptics that say testimonies of healing in Christian crusades are a farce.

Then there are Christians that say that God’s healing power was only for biblical times and does not happen in the modern world.

Evangelist Mario Murillo says that, since his ministry is flooded with reports of miraculous healings, it “starts to become background noise and we tend to lose our sense of credibility of what people say.”

Here are two incredible healing testimonies, Murillo told Charisma News’ John Matarazzo, that are simply undeniable.

It all begins with a man named Steve, who attended one of Murillo’s tent crusades in Colorado Springs, Colorado, last July. According to Steve, he lived in a house, alone, for seven years, and he refused to venture out into the public because, as Murillo said, “he lived on a level of pain that few human beings can understand.”

Steve took several medications every day to deal with the pain of five ruptured discs in his spine.

“There he was, not a Christian, lost, with no hope and in darkness,” Murillo said.

Some friends brought Steve to the Murillo crusade and Steve became annoyed. Not because it was painful for him to sit, but because thought he was coming to a concert and not a Christian event.

Colorado springs“He was perturbed; a lot of anxiety about it,” Murillo said. And Murillo wanted to make it clear that the following was all God, and he had nothing to do even with the opportunity for Steve’s healing.

“I’m in the pulpit, and I point to the back,” Murillo said. “I said right there is a man whose spine is being healed. And at that moment, Steve felt these fingers—and these vertebrae go back into place. Seven years of indescribable pain was gone in an instant.

“And it scared him! He stood up and he ran to the front to be saved. And he was dramatically converted. He went from being a house-bound pain victim to when every single time the doors opened at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs, he’s there. He’s always there. He’s the first one to arrive and the last one to leave.”

The second miraculous testimony comes about a woman named Bri. Murillo says that she had parasites in her stomach. The medication doctors gave her to deal with these parasites started an “autoimmune war in her body where it began to cannibalize itself.”

Murillo says the autoimmune activity affected Bri’s motor skills. It wiped out her energy, and she, a woman 5-feet-9 inches in stature, became helpless as her weight plummeted to 94 pounds.

“When they brought her to the front, they carried her and she’s on her knees,” Murillo says. “But again, her motor skills, her inability to really coordinate … she looked like a skeleton. And she’s in front of the tower of speakers on my left.

“All of a sudden, the power of God came on me and said, ‘Go over there and I’ll be glorified.’ I prayed for her. She knew in that moment that God had touched her. She understood it.

Murillo book Turn“Within the next few weeks, she could eat whatever she wanted, had no pain, no weakness, her motor skills were restored and she gained 30 pounds. She’s absolutely a walking, talking miracle nearly a year later. We just had her testify a few weeks ago. Those are two of the many things that happened in Colorado Springs, and that’s why we’re going back.”

Murillo says he and his team will return to Colorado Springs for another tent crusade from July 16-19. Catherine Mullins will lead worship at the event.

“It’s going to be a remarkable … we are already flooding the city with workers,” Murillo says. “And we’re going to see miracles.”

If it is anything like the ones Colorado Springs has seen in the past, the enemy better be prepared, because the Holy Spirit is getting ready to do His mighty work once again and destroy satan’s plans. {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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