Robby Dawkins Says He Battled Spirit of Death So Jesus Could Resurrect Lifeless Man

The church the night when Robby Dawkins says he raised Matt Catlow from the dead.

If you read my Watchman on the Wall column and want more details about Robby Dawkins’ claims of raising a man from the dead, here they are. In this uncut interview, Dawkins, author of Do What Jesus Did: A Real-Life Field Guide to Healing the Sick, Routing Demons and Changing Lives Forever, says he raised Matt Catlow from the dead in a small Northern England church. A doctor was on hand to verify the death and resurrection of this man.

Charisma News: Tell me about the experience with the man dying in the congregation while you were speaking.

Dawkins: This was a tiny little village of 80 people in North England near Preston. The people who took me to the area explained this was a very tight-knit village and an extremely conservative church. The pastor wanted more people to learn to bring people to Jesus and learn about healing. I had the feeling this was going to be huge for this church and community.

The pastor had spent the morning taking me to various homes and places to pray for people for healing—normally something I don’t agree to do or we are inundated with requests. We saw many healed, even some children at a church facility experienced healing and God’s presence with heat and tingling. It was delightful.


That evening I had just started speaking and mentioned a teaching I do entitled “Identity Thief.” It was almost on cue that a woman—Heather Catlow—began to shout: “My son, my son. He is having another stroke. He had a stroke a year ago. Someone call the hospital and please help.”

She then looked at me and said, “Can you please help my son?” What I saw was a strong demonic presence over him. His head was contorting and looked to me like it would almost twist, as well as his jaw, face and hands contorting. They were drawn up towards his chest and neck. It seemed every muscle was at an extreme strain in his body. He was jerking and twitching severely.

Charisma News: What did you do then?

Dawkins: I rushed over to him, putting my hand on his chest and forehead and began to bind demonic power and command the body to be loosed in Jesus’ name. He started going blue and struggled breathing, but he wasn’t sweaty. I told a few around that we needed to get him on the ground. His body was so stiff that I felt he was less likely to injure himself on the ground then in the chair.

There was a gently man in a suit standing right behind him. I later found out he was a doctor. The doctor helped lift the man to the floor. The pastor and several of the leaders in the church began to escort people out of the building. I am not sure why they did this. I assume it was to reduce panic. I would estimate 50 to 80 persons remained.

As I was praying he started to go purple. However, he still had a strong regular pulse and I had my hand on his heart and could feel it beating very hard. I would ask him to tell me what he was experiencing. His mother said, “He can’t speak because of the stroke.” I asked her his name and she answered, “Matt.”

We noticed his breathing started to become even more labored. I continued to forbid Satan from attacking him. Someone said, “We need to lift his head enough so his tongue will not choke him.” His mother began to shout, “He is dying. My poor boy is dying!” I still had my hand on his chest and assured his mom that his heart was still beating but I could feel it getting weak.

Then his body began to relax a bit. His head started to turn towards us. His lips turned to blue then to blue-black. I could feel the presence of the spirit of death all around us. I went from binding the spirit of infirmity to binding the spirit of death. I was nervous to say “death” because of his mother was starting to shout, “He’s dead!” She was very distraught. I later heard that groups began to pray outside, in the fellowship hall, youth room and sanctuary.

I continued to break the power of the spirit of death. Several of us including the doctor witnessed his pupils become fixed and dilated—as they do when people are brain dead—and his breathing became much worse. This was told us to be “agonal breathing”—the “death rattle” breathing that people do right before and once they’ve died and their body is coming to a stop. I knew about this type of breathing because I saw my mother do it when she was passed away.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “What happens next is something I am breaking off of this whole area and country.” He stopped breathing. His head turned to the side and saliva type fluid started running out. I grabbed some tissue and wiped his mouth. Someone else said, “He is dead.” I had my hand on his heart the whole time but felt no heart beat after his head turned towards me.

Charisma News: Were you ready to give up at that point?

Dawkins: I stepped back and said, “NO!” I became very angry and continued to pray even more. I wasn’t willing to see this happen and I knew others were all praying and fighting for this poor man. The doctor later told me that he was preparing himself to do CPR.

As I continued to pray I began to bind the spirit of death and say, “You can’t have him!” I began to declare the resurrection life of Jesus Christ over him. People were beginning to get a bit restless but then I could hear his breathing start to recover and his color starting to return. His lips that were purple-black started to get less dark. His eyes stopped being fixed and dilated and started to move. We rolled him onto his side at that point to allow his tongue to fall forward, but he was starting to come round.

His color began to return and his breathing became less labored, He began to roll back and forth a few times. He was starting to respond to my voice as I spoke to him. His mother shouted, “He can’t speak since his stroke.” But after a minute or so started to answer me coherently. His mother began to shout, “He can speak!” He then started to get up, initially kneeling and then trying to stand. We tried to get him to sit in a chair but he wanted to stand, looking rather vacant at first. As he stood to his feet he looked at the crowd and winked and said, “What are they looking at?”

I turned him towards me and pulled him into my chest—like a hug—and declared a full impartation of life. He let go and then embraced me again. I did this because I had a friend who had raised the dead and said there is something about the chest-to-chest connection—like in the Bible—that seems to impart life. I continued to pray and break off the enemy’s assignment against him. Some men helped him to the back of the church to wait for the ambulance. The ambulance arrived shortly.

I looked at the pastor and leaders and said, “Let’s call all the people back in.” Some who walked back in looked at me as if I were cold-blooded for carrying on with the meeting. But I knew Satan was trying to steal what I had come to bring to these people. After teaching I had a word of knowledge about injured shoulders and around five people came forward and were healed. Of course after seeing a guy raised from the dead their faith and expectancy was quiet high.

Charisma News: Did you see Matt Catlow again?

Dawkins: The next day the pastor called me and asked me if we could go see Matt at the hospital. I was very happy to go. Upon arriving there, we found out that some how he had fractured his shoulder. They told us that it looked like he might need surgery. I asked him how he was feeling and he said, “Pretty good other than my shoulder.” 

I asked him if he was aware of what had happened the night before. He said, “I know whatever that was, it was some pretty bad stuff.” I told him that he had died and was raised to life. He was really surprised to hear it but smiled after a second or so, looking relieved and then thanked me. The pastor verified it with him that he had died.

I asked if I could pray for his shoulder to be healed. He was very pleased to let me. We prayed and his pain dropped from a 10 down to a 1. We prayed again and then a 0.5. A nurse walked in and interrupted us and told us that he needed surgery for the shoulder but after we prayed they examined him again they said he wouldn’t need it now.

I believe what the Lord had spoke to me before he died had to do with what a friend of mine who had passed away and his wife prayed him back to life, Pastor Ed Loughran. While he was dead the Lord showed him that the spirit of religion and spirit of death were the same spirit. I believe this was a strong prophetic act of what God is shifting in the U.K.

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