Pastor, Revivalist Calls Out Creflo Dollar for Anti-Tithing Pronouncement


Sometimes the Apostle Paul named names when calling out false teachers, and other times he didn’t. Today the Lord has instructed me to name names.

I’m calling out Creflo Dollar. He has been spiritually off for a long time.

The first red flag to his departure from truth is his teaching on sloppy grace (vs biblical grace). This started years ago and has now become a major teaching theme in his ministry.

At times, his false grace teaching even borders on the false teaching of universalism. Dangerous, dangerous stuff!

And now his anti-tithing teaching has just come out into the light (despite raking in millions of tithes over the years which he refuses to give back.)

So how will Christians respond to Creflo’s “stop tithing” pronouncement:

1. The Remnant—those who are loyal to Jesus until the end—will recognize it as false and keep tithing (actually they’ll look for ways they can be even more generous to God than 10%).

2. Those looking for a tithe “loophole” think they have found one and will stop tithing (so they can spend more money on pleasure and entertainment).

3. And for those who don’t tithe, this heretical teaching will seal the deal that they never will (and then they can roll over and go back to spiritual sleep).

There will always be false teachers among us. However, make up your mind that you are part of the Remnant that is faithful to Jesus and His Word until the end. {eoa}

Dr. Jamie Morgan is the author of the newly released book Thirsty: A 31-Day Journey to Personal Revival. She leads a movement for women in ministry, Trailblazer Mentoring Network ( She is a senior pastor, prayer warrior, writer, revivalist, mentor and hosts the podcast Fire Starter. She graduated with her M.A. in practical theology from Oral Roberts University and her D.Min. from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She serves on America’s National Prayer Committee. Learn more at


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