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Morning Rundown: John Ramirez Gives a Spiritual Warning for 2024


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John Ramirez Gives a Spiritual Warning for 2024

In a recent message, John Ramirez gave a warning for the spiritual battles that lay ahead of us in 2024.

“The Lord spoke to me regarding 2024. He says, ‘speak to My people. It’s not a happy message; it’s a preparation message,'” Ramirez said. “The watchmen on the wall will sound the shofar to sign the trumpet to let them know your enemy is coming.”

Ramirez says that it is this knowledge that can help God’s people prepare for the turmoil up ahead.

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Larry Tomczak’s Week in Review: 2024: The Year America May Go Down or Turn Around

We’ve reached the crossroads—of that there can be no doubt. This is America’s defining moment: a time that determines the direction of a nation or person.

Everything is up for grabs; we must be praying, informed and engaged to see divine intervention and the spiritual awakening we know is possible if we rise up courageously.

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Are You Prepared for the Potential of Societal Breakdown?

In the new Netflix film, “Leave The World Behind,” a haunting vision of societal breakdown unfolds as an oil tanker crashes into a tourist beach, planes fall from the sky and technology that underpins civilization fails. Though fictional, the movie touches on deep-seated fears that many of us share about the fragility of modern life.

The film, produced by Michelle and Barack Obama’s company Higher Ground, is closely tied to the cyber-security issues the former president was briefed on during his time in office.

In our 21st-century lives, we are almost entirely dependent on complex technologies that many do not understand and can be easily exploited by our enemies. {eoa}

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