Joseph Z: The Sinister Scheme Behind Avoiding Death

Joseph Z and tomb

Everywhere we go, we see the narrative that aging is a problem. However, could there be a demonic influence behind the obsession with immortality?

In a recent livestream message, Joseph Z discussed the issue with society’s complete obsession with not only staying young, but wanting to live forever as we see more and more people taking extreme measures to live here on this earth for all eternity.

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“This obsession I believe ties into the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, it ties into so many things that are part of the spirit of the age,” Z says.

Reviewing material about different new technologies to try to keep someone alive forever, Z shared a clip about “mind uploading.” Currently, it is debatable about whether or not this “mind upload” would be a copy of a person or if it would be the same as that person’s mind.

“It reminds me so much of when the book of Revelation talks about the image of the Beast and there was life given to it,” Z says. “This is all just a goal to try to live forever and I just want to say to you it doesn’t work, even if there’s a replica of you or a replica of a person, it doesn’t mean it’s them,” Z says.

Besides the ability to “upload” consciousness, another potentially concerning factor is that Neuralink would like to implant over 22,000 brain chips in the year 2030. This appears to be another attempt at mankind trying to control more than what we were created to.

“It always leads to the powers that be having control over the population,” Z says. “For the first time ever in known history, there’s a technological ability to completely harness the masses, if not every person on the planet and this is the gateway to it.”

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Z further showed a clip of author Noah Harari who explained in his words the reason why we need to monitor people’s biometrics and what is happening underneath their skin, such as body temperature.

“The big leader gives a speech on television, the television could be monitoring you and knowing whether you’re angry or not just by analyzing the cues, the biological cues from your body,” Harari says.

So what do we do with these drastic technological changes that will undoubtedly affect us going forward?

Z says we need to know that these efforts are similar to the man-made efforts by the creation of the Tower of Babel. He believes we are at an intersection of rising darkness and a falling society.

“I believe it’s going to be very similar to the Genesis 11 narrative. Genesis 11 where the Tower of Babel was,” Z continued. “You see this happening again with technology.”

Despite this growing darkness, Z says the Lord will win the battle at the end of the day.

“I sense there’s intervention coming, I sense victories coming. I believe we’re going to see a collision of light and darkness, and darkness will not win,” Z says.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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