Jeremy Lin Needs Your Prayers as God Stretches Him

Jeremy Lin

NBA star Jeremy Lin remains bold about his faith—even his struggles. After launching a prayer group in October, the Asian pro baller has continued sharing his heart with fans.

“Spiritually, I’ve really been challenged to seek humility even more each day. When life is tough, it forces me to re-evaluate everything and learn to depend on God more than I initially think I need to,” Lin writes on his blog.

“God continually stretches me and challenges me through basketball, and I’m just trying to live each day pleasing Him. One verse that has really spoke to me recently is John 3:30—He must increase but I must decrease. This is counterintuitive to everything society preaches, but more of God and less of me is always the best formula!”

With that, Lin once again opened the lines of prayer.

“The journey I’ve been on has had its ups and downs and I appreciate all of your support throughout. Some of you have asked how to pray for me, so I decided to start a prayer group where I can send out requests for those that want to pray and support!!” Lin writes. “So much of what happens is out of our control, but prayer has been a place I have consistently found peace with God.”


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