Jentezen Franklin: Why Fast?

A woman starting a fast.

Today, I am thrilled to see millions of Christians worldwide placing such a great emphasis on prayer and fasting. Looking back over our ministry and seeing all God has done as we continue to seek Him every year in an annual 21-day fast only deepens my resolve to challenge even more believers to use the old weapon of fasting to win new battles.

This generation is fighting, and God loves partnership. He loves co-laboring with His own creation. He loves using you and me to accomplish His purpose in the earth.

When you fast, you partner with God. He desires to have a divine partnership with you in the area of fasting and prayer for your family, your life and His purpose in the earth. There are times when God requires us to take a physical action to receive a spiritual blessing. There’s a connection between what we do physically and what God releases spiritually in the Bible.

JF Fasting

Exodus 17 tells the story of Moses holding up his hands with a staff, and as long as his hands were extended, the battle was won against the enemies of Israel. But when Moses’ arms got weary, the battle would start to turn as his arms dropped down, and Israel’s enemies would begin to prevail.

The story tells us there are times when what we do physically affects our circumstances, the battle and the victory spiritually. Fasting is perhaps the most powerful physical action you as a Christian can take to show God how sincere you are about wanting to see change.

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Where there is little private discipline, there will be little public reward. Whenever there is private fasting and prayer in the secret places of our life, there will be public rewards! If you want a strong relationship with God, you have to seek it. When you seek God through fasting, something powerful is released upon your life.

The most dangerous period for all of us is when God blesses us and we stop seeking Him. When we are weak with God, temptation is strong. When we are strong in our relationship with God, temptation is weak. That’s why Jesus didn’t fall for the traps when Satan came to Him in the wilderness with extreme temptations. Jesus instead defeated Satan with His own extremes: extreme fasting, extreme prayer and extreme focus on the Word of God.

It’s time to develop some of your own extremes when Satan is coming with extreme opposition against you and your life. I’ve learned that I’m stronger with God when I am seeking Him more. When I feel weaker, I am seeking Him less.{eoa}

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