Demons, Deliverance and Spiritual Battle: Greg Locke’s ‘Come Out In Jesus Name’ Returns for Second Run in Theaters


After ruling the box office on March 13 for a one-night only release, ‘Come Out in Jesus Name’ returns to theaters nationwide by popular demand on April 10th & 11th. Get Your Tickets Here:

Throughout the Gospels there are firsthand accounts of Jesus casting out demons and taking authority over them.

Following in His footsteps, the disciples continued this practice of delivering the afflicted from spiritual torment that had physical manifestations.

So why have so many modern-day Christians abandoned the practice of deliverance ministry?

In obedience to the Holy Spirit, Pastor Greg Locke and the members of the Demon Slayer Podcast set out to create a movie that empowers Christians to take authority over demonic activity yet again.

The release of the film, ‘Come Out in Jesus Name,’ is not only a breakout success, but it also dropped a spiritual bomb on the forces of Satan.

Testimonies are pouring in from the first showing, so much so that the pastors responsible for the film couldn’t keep up with the number of people sharing how the Lord moved in their movie theatres.

“I’ll be honest, our newsfeeds are jammed full,” Pastor Greg Locke shared with Charisma News.

“I was with Pastor Vlad [Savchuk] this morning on his show, the first 10 minutes he showed testimonies. When I got off the last 45 minutes, he was still showing testimonies. …It’s unbelievable,” Locke added.

While thankful to the Lord for the smashing success of the film, so much that it has now added more dates on April 10 and 11, it is the breaking of spiritual bonds and people being set free that are the true goals of ‘Come Out in Jesus Name.’

“It’s just happening, people being healed, people being set free, pastors that went in as critical skeptics walking out saying, ‘Well, I can’t put that back in the box. What am I going to do with that?'” Locke shared.

“Every single theater that it was shown in America had demonic manifestations and healings and miracles taking place. I mean, you can’t make that up! I’m on the big screen, it’s not like I’m there. There’s no music, there’s no manipulation,” Locked continued.

“Then to know that it’s happening in every single theater cannot be made up, the best organizational team could never pull that off, can never make that happen. So, people can deny the reality of it all they want, but the facts are it happened. And it was historical. And I believe round two is going to be more historical,” says Locke.

Pastor Locke brings up a sad reality that many who claim to be followers of Christ will in fact deny the reality of deliverance ministry, even when shown on the big screen.

The power of spiritual warfare has been lost on much of the church body, and the Bible tells of those who witnessed Jesus’ own miracles yet still did not believe He was the Messiah.

A major player in the film is deliverance pioneer Alexander Pagani. He, along with other members of the Demon Slayer Podcast including Vlad Savchuk, Isaiah Saldivar, Mike Signorelli and Daniel Adams, have been the driving force behind this modern-day resurgence in delivery ministry.

In his book “The Secrets to Deliverance,” Pagani shares biblical strategies and his own experiences evicting the demons in the “rooms” of your soul and body. Pagani realized how demons lodge themselves in hidden areas of our lives. First, a demon can reside in an area of the body. Second, demons can live deep in the soul and remain undetected. Deliverance is like a labyrinth with trapdoors, backward stairs and secret rooms.

Charisma Media’s own Executive VP of Business Development Chad Dunlap was at a showing of the film in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and shared what he witnessed in the theatre.

“Seeing a packed theater standing on their feet, praying prayers of renunciation and receiving full deliverance was an emotional and powerful experience,” Dunlap shared.

“Demons were manifesting in the theater and breakthrough was received by many people who attended. The success of ‘Come Out in Jesus Name’ is proof that there is an authentic desire and thirst for a move of God,” he added.

As word spreads, anyone who is skeptical should go see “Come Out in Jesus Name” on April 10 or 11, and discover for themselves the Holy Spirit power of deliverance ministry in action. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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