Demonic Tattoo Removal Top Priority for Redeemed Model


In keeping with her recent declaration stating that Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior, former adult model Angela “Blac Chyna” White has continued her quest to dedicate her body as a living temple to the Lord.

Now, she is going through the painful process of having a literal demonic entity removed from her body.

Keeping her still monolithic fanbase up to date on her lifestyle, White posted a video explaining her reasons for wanting to eliminate the demonic image.

“So y’all know that I got this Baphomet tattoo,” White said. “It’s got to come off, you know what I mean? I’m not about to have no mark of the beast, nothing like that.”

“I will tell you this, when I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me, you know what I mean? Regardless of what it is, I just don’t want anything negative or demonic anymore,” she added.

White has received increased media attention recently as she began removing all of the surgical enhancements and fillers she added to her body to adapt her natural, and God-designed, image.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends Weekend,” she explained the process that eventually led her to make these life-altering decisions.

“Honestly, for me, I was like, this is too much. It’s time for a change,” White explained. “This is not really who I am. Something just came over me like, the Holy Spirit came over me. And I was like, ‘You know what? I need to figure out about what’s my purpose in life. Like, why am I here?’

“I had to make a change, so I could start walking into my own truth,” she continued. “And I feel like for me, that’s very important.”

“As far as reversing a surgery, it was really, really important for me because what I had got was illegal silicone injections,” White said. “And what happens is, some girls, they get it, but for me, like sometimes I would kind of like fall ill and fall kind of sick from it. And the older that I get, I’m starting to realize, I want to be here for my kids. I want to have, my grandkids.”

“When I got it, when I was 19, I was young and naïve,” she said. “So I didn’t know about all the dangers and things like that of the sort. And by the grace of God, I’m still here. And I just want to set an example for the ladies and just really, really, really be careful with this because it’s very dangerous. It’s like playing Russian roulette. It’s playing Russian roulette with your life.”

These decisions to leave behind the worldly lifestyles that made White millions upon millions of dollars are catching the social media sphere by storm, with one fan stating, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a celebrity PUBLICLY turn back to god this strongly.”

To put into context the astounding amount of money that White is giving up in her pursuit of Jesus, multiple pop-culture outlets have reported that her income ranged anywhere from $12 to $240 million a year.

That is a staggering number that any pastor would tell you represent a huge incentive to continue doing what you’re doing and live the way of the world.

Add in the fact that White has now put a target on her back for declaring publicly to millions of fans, journalists, business partners and producers in the entertainment world, not known for its tolerance of Christian views, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

If the world hated Jesus first, it will surely move to hate on White before too long.

This amazing testimony shows the power of prayer over family, leadership and even celebrities.

There is no one God cannot redeem, but Christians must be proactive, not reactive, in their prayer lives.

Lift up to the Lord in prayer those who influence millions of lives by their actions, who pull their fans away from God’s righteousness and towards the corrupted and temporary lifestyle that Satan is trying to offer them, even when done in ignorance. {eoa}

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.


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