Chris Reed Prophetic Warning: ‘So Goes Israel, So Goes America’

Chris Reed

In his latest prophetic warning, Chris Reed shared the harrowing details of what may be coming to America if we do not actively seek prayer for a shift to happen in our nation.

“So goes Israel, so goes America,” Reed said of his latest prophetic download to Sid Roth.

Reed’s warning comes from a detailed dream he had of a map of the United States that pointed to terrorists coming up from the southern border who would find their way into the U.S. to dramatically change its dynamics.

“I was given a cell phone and somehow I was able to read an encrypted communication explaining things that I knew that these terrorists also had access to,” Reed says. “In the communication and encryption was explaining the coordinated plan of terrorists that they had for America, to hijack the American government or to destroy the nation.”

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In this prophetic account, Reed saw what he considered to be 12 dormant “terrorist sleeper cells” on the U.S. map where the invaders would set themselves in place to dictate and control the U.S. government’s actions.

“Initially these terrorists that came through the southern border in the dream I knew and was shown that they were taking shelter initially in the sanctuary cities and they were given contacts of people in those areas that they could connect with upon their arrival,” Reed said.

These 12 sleeper cells are not in one predictable location in the U.S., but rather Reed saw them all over the nation.

“I actually saw a few of the 12,” Reed said. “I remember seeing where they were. I saw one in Michigan, I saw one in Minnesota, I saw one in Arizona, I saw one in Texas, I saw one in the Carolinas and I saw one in the New England area.”

While this dream was completely disturbing and frightened Reed for America’s future, he believes that with this warning does not come without hope. Reed believes that if we take the proper precautions and heed the words of the Lord, then this prophecy does not have to come to pass.

“I’ve never had a dream that’s disturbed me this much, but felt like with prayer, with situational awareness training, with defense training, with being conscious of what’s going on around us without becoming suspicious, we can stop and avert this from happening, and I hope that it proves to be wrong,” Reed said.

With this hope, Roth also pointed out that what we must do for our nation and for the Israelis is to pray for peace.

“What we need at this moment, at this precise second in history is Psalm 122:6,” Roth said. “It’s a command for those that say Jesus is their Lord. It says pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

As Israel experiences tremendous heartache and pain, there is nothing better that we can do than to pray for them. We must pray not only for ourselves and our own salvation, but that the Lord may use this situation to bring His chosen people closer to Him, and that they may know Jesus as the Messiah. {eoa}

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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