Bring Your Bible to School Day Ignites Opportunities for Christian Students to Share Their Faith


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Many Christians agree that America is suffering a moral and spiritual decline. With the rise of social media and its negative effects, the push for political agendas in schools and the deterioration of the traditional family model, many parents are worried about the future of their children.

Trail Life USA is focused on building leadership skills, creating meaningful connections and fostering deep relationships with Christ in boys across the country. Trail Life is growing boys into men through outdoor adventure. As they are led by strong male role models, boys are learning biblical principles that have endured the test of time.

One way for boys to build confidence in their relationship with Christ is through “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” a Focus on the Family event designed to empower Christian students of all ages to speak God’s grace and truth into the culture around them, starting with two simple steps—bringing their Bibles to school and sharing what God’s Word means to them.

The annual event is set for Thur. Oct. 6.

“Many young people are looking for ways to start a conversation about faith; they just aren’t sure how to begin,” says Trail Life CEO Mark Hancock. “‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ is a great opportunity to do that.”

For boys who struggle to find the confidence to share their faith, Trail Life can be a constructive outlet to foster a sense of leadership, confidence and companionship among boys through meaningful relationships and outdoor activities.

“Trail Life deliberately structures programs with biblical truths in mind, then rewards boys who accept the challenge to reach new physical and spiritual heights,” Hancock says. “Boys strategically advance to greater challenges and greater accomplishments with each adventure.

“If challenge and encouragement are not sufficient and developmentally appropriate, instead of becoming confident, resilient leaders of character, boys fall into one of the twin pitfalls of adolescence: anger or apathy. We are honored to encourage and equip boys with the leadership skills, confidence, and adventurous spirit that they were designed to have by their Creator.”

Last year, 590,327 students registered for the event in over 50,000 schools across the nation. This year, it’s especially important for young Christians to tell their friends at school about the hope they have in Christ during such a difficult cultural climate. Students may do so using the Modern English Version Spiritual Warfare Bible.

Trail Life is honored to team up with Focus on the Family, and encourages all of it’s 45,000+ members to participate in the event on Thur. Oct. 6. To register for “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” or for more information, click here. {eoa}

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