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Bill Cosby Can Choose to Live in Disgrace or Take This Golden Opportunity


The media frenzy exposing Bill Cosby’s sordid sex life is deeply disturbing, but Bill Cosby has an opportunity to use this nightmare for America’s benefit.

In the final years of his life, Bill Cosby can choose to live in disgrace. He can look forward to every gory detail of any misdeeds becoming the subject of books and television specials. He can stew in bitterness and regrets, watching his fame as a comedian surpassed by detailed accusations of him being a rapist.

But, he has another choice—a truly amazing one.

The Apostle Paul once sought to wipe out Christianity. By God’s grace he became its greatest evangelist. In his first letter to Timothy, he wrote, “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, first, Jesus Christ might show all patience, as an example to those who were to believe in Him for eternal life” (1 Tim. 1:15-16).

Bill Cosby is a famous enough celebrity to take on misdeeds still prevalent in the entertainment industry. From a position as repentant sinner, he can speak out in opposition to the philosophy that led to his shame.

We now learn that, while Cosby played a model father on television, he hung out with Hugh Hefner off the set. The man given the title, “America’s Dad” was allegedly forcing himself on other father’s daughters.

Fathers raising daughters live in fear because of the philosophy promoted in Playboy and practiced by some in Hollywood. Imagine Bill Cosby, with true humility and remorse, calling on Hollywood to reject the philosophy of Hugh Hefner.

Playboy is not interested in the fatherly role of protecting daughters. It’s interested in exploiting them. Teenage and 20-something girls are presented as sex objects. Stars, producers and directors are constantly around vulnerable young women. There is a temptation to see them not as someone’s daughter but as sex objects.

The Playboy philosophy is all about male stimulation and gratification. This requires daughters. Hugh Hefner wants other men’s daughters to pose naked for photos and to become party favors for his houseguests. His philosophy is not reserved for those who visit the Playboy mansion. It’s promoted in every small town in America.

Today’s fathers must worry about every boy or man who comes near their daughters. They wonder, “To what extent have they been influenced by Playboy? What’s running through the mind of anyone spending time with my daughter?

Many fathers (like myself) have been influenced by Playboy at some point in their life. They know the impact Playboy had, or has, on their mind. They know how compulsive impure thoughts can be.

Playboy will teach you that impure thoughts are part of life. This is true, but Playboy accepts this truth instead of trying to overcome it. To Playboy, girls exist to become sex objects. They have no choice.

Playboy is wrong, however.

There is a choice. Hollywood, and all of America, will be better off if men make the right choice.

Jesus Christ taught that you can be “born again.” Sinful human nature, with its impure thoughts, can be overcome, and you can be born of the Spirit, filled by God with pure thoughts.

The boy or man filled with pure thoughts would consider an invitation to a Hugh Hefner party to be offensive. It wouldn’t even be a temptation.

The greatest tragedy of the Playboy philosophy is that many boys and girls are being raised without fathers present. Men who found some girl, or woman, willing to give them a few minutes of gratification have no interest in caring about what becomes of their resulting son or daughter.

Equally tragic are the families destroyed by husbands who leave their wives (and family) to seek stimulation and gratification elsewhere.

The Playboy philosophy is all about selfishness.

What the world needs are good fathers who teach their sons to think about women like a father would instead of how Hugh Hefner would. A father looks forward to the day when his daughter marries a responsible, loving man. What a good father wants for his daughter is a husband who will cherish and care for his daughter for the rest of her life.

Bill Cosby had good reason to understand this. He has four daughters with his wife. He’s quoted saying, “Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.” But, in 1971, seven years after being married, his wife, his first two daughters and his son moved from Southern California to Shelburne, Massachusetts to get away from the “toxic” Hollywood scene. His wife Camille is quoted saying that Bill was being “selfish.”

Selfishness has casualties. Autumn Jackson spent 26 months in jail for attempting to extort $40 million from Bill Cosby. Her mother claims she’s a fifth daughter of Cosby’s.

Shortly before his execution for mass murder, Ted Bundy was interviewed by James Dobson. Bundy warned America how dangerous pornography is. Nothing could bring back the girls he killed, but his confession and warning may have helped some young men to avoid his mistakes.

Imagine Bill Cosby doing the ultimate unselfish thing, laying down his pride and reputation to help protect those in danger today. Imagine Bill Cosby advising stars, producers and executives not to exploit other men’s daughters (or sons).

One day each of us will stand before God, accountable for what we did with our life.

Please pray that Bill Cosby will conclude his life’s story experiencing the forgiveness and grace of God, and become a champion out to help protect America’s daughters (and sons) from sexual exploitation.

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