Alan DiDio: 3 Errors Kim Clement Repented of Before His Death

Kim Clement

Technology has opened up incredible doors for building the kingdom of God.

With instant, global communications, old words from prophetic voices are able to be shared with a new generation who have yet to hear the wisdom and power of God behind them.

Bishop Alan DiDio of Encounter Today recently expounded upon an interview of the late South African prophet Kim Clement. Within the interview, including Christian author and teacher Chuck Missler, Clement revealed three key areas from his Christian walk that he was convicted in, and of which he repented before his death.

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1. Eschatology: Clement admitted that his faith had reached a point where he despised eschatology and was sick of hearing about it. Yet by his own admission, it was his lack of understanding and a spirit of mockery that drove these feelings.

“I’d seen too much prediction. I’ve seen a lot of predictions that…it caused a lot of fear and torment and trouble in people’s lives, and so I had to make a change,” Clement reveals.

“So, he’s looking at something that is an error in the body of Christ,” DiDio says. “That there’s a lot of fear, and even sensationalism, that surround eschatology and teaching concerning the end times, and in his prophetic life he wanted to counteract that and what that devolved into was a criticism.”

2. Opposition Against Israel As A Nation: In many Christian circles, the concept of “Replacement Theology” has taken hold, and Clement admits that he formerly subscribed to this theory. After a visit to the Holy Land, and a fresh encounter with God, he realized the great error in his judgment on the matter.

“I felt like Israel was just a waste and and that it was we were spiritual Israel,” says Clement. “My perception of Israel was: it’s totally spiritual. Israel, there is no such thing as God’s land anymore, and so my prophecies would, the vocabulary that I used, would be spiritual Israel. And so the error came because of my ignoring and ignorance of eschatology and end time events.”

Explaining the importance of understanding biblical eschatology, DiDio reveals how this approach to Scripture shapes multiple other facets of one’s faith as well.

“When we’re talking about end times, why is it so important? Because how you understand the timing of the end speaks of your eschatology,” says DiDio. “Not just your eschatology, but your ecclesiology; your bibliology; your theology; how you read the Word of God; how you understand the church in its place; how you understand Israel in its place, and it can create…anti-Semitism if you don’t have a proper understanding of God’s plan for Israel [and] God’s plan for the church.”

3. The Rapture and Judgment: Clement admitted that he had a severe lack of knowledge of the rapture, and as a worshipper, a disdain for preaching on the coming judgments in the end times.

“People would come to me and say, ‘Why don’t you believe in a rapture?’ I say, first of all, I believe we are being taken away, I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand the timeline, I don’t understand whether we’re going in the beginning, whether we’re going in the middle, whether we’re going in the at the end,” Clement admits.

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“We’d write songs that would would completely avoid any part of God’s judgment, aspect of God’s judgment.”

It was this lack of knowledge that led Clement to the realization that as a prophetic voice, he should know much more about biblical prophecy than he did.

“This is so key,” interjects DiDio. “…the reason why Kim Clement gravitated so strongly to the pre-Tribulational rapture is because that’s the only one that allows you to interpret the Word of God with the honor that it deserves

“Listen, when we’re dealing with eschatology, we have to approach the subject with humility…there’s a lot of unanswered questions. The question is: which one of the views answers most of those questions without conflicting or contradicting the Word of God, and I believe it’s that particular [pre-Tribulational] view.”{eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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