Perry Stone: 2 Vivid Prophetic Visions of the Rapture

Many Christians have differing ideas and opinions about the rapture of the church. Some believe it will happen prior to the Great Tribulation as described in the Bible, others believe it will happen during the Tribulation, and many believe that it will happen after the Tribulation.

But Perry Stone, founder of Voice of Evangelism Ministries, says no matter when it happens, some things will take place that some people simply won't believe. In this video, he shares two vivid visions the Lord has given him, both of which are connected, and both of which involve strikes of lightning.

In his first vision about the rapture, Stone says:

I was standing in a square room with four doors, and I had the choice of going in one of those four doors. One was just young people at a university, and I knew if I chose that door. it would pull me away from my evangelism, so I didn't choose that door. The second door was a denominational door that had all the preachers dressed in their suits, and it represented getting in the denominational system. I rejected that door as well to become a system person in a denomination. I do not remember for the life of me the third door, but I chose the fourth door, and it had the word "persecution" on top of it.

It was then that God showed me that my ministry would be filled with persecution if I chose that door, and that has happened for 41 years. A misunderstanding, an abuse, lying about messages that I've never preached, lying about things I said that I never said. All that's happened during 40 years of ministry; it comes with the territory. But God showed me a sword, and there was a demonic spirit that was shrouded in a black robe that came toward me. I was fighting it until I was weary, and the Lord said, "Cut off the arm." So I took that sword and cut the arm off, and that being's sword fell to the ground.

Another one came, and another one came. Then I heard these words: "Blessed is he that is skilled with the sword." The sword is the Word of God, and that's when I begin to really study the Bible. And during this vision, suddenly it changed, and the whole world opened up to me as though I was standing up on the edge of a mountain. Standing on that mountain, I saw the skyline of a city that could be any city in the United States or the world for that matter. ... There was darkness coming from the north, south, east and west that was gathering over the city when the darkness covered the entire city. In this vision, I then saw a ball of light appear in the sky. It almost looked like the moon, but you know when you see the moon, you can kind of see the surface... and this was just a pure ball of energy and light.

And all of a sudden, Jesus Christ stepped out of that light and shot his left hand in this direction. His right hand in this direction, and lightning came off his fingertips. When the lightning came off his fingertips from where He was, it literally went out off to the left and right side of Him, or we could say the east and the west. Remember, Jesus said His " lightning shines from the east and the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man be" in Matthew. The lightning went this way and went all the way around the globe, and this one went all around the globe this way. I believe the one side was to raise the dead, and the other side was to change the living from mortal to immortality. That's why there's two. But they all gathered back at Him, and in that lightning were all of the saints of God from around the world. And everybody was then taken into that light, and the light disappeared. Then I realized great trouble was about to happen, which would have been in the context of Scripture of the Great Tribulation period.

In his second vision about the rapture, Stone says:

I really believe I saw the Father God in this vision, and again, it could have been Christ because it was the coming of the Lord. But I never saw the face. I'm going to give you the details of this but my impression was, "Oh my, I've seen the Lord." In this particular vision, in the middle of the night, we were preparing a meeting at a conference center. I have no idea what city I was in because the Lord hid that from me. In this particular vision, I remember that some partners of our ministry who have been partners for years were preparing to set up chairs and tables, and it's like we were going to meet with partners first and then we're going to have this great meeting. In whatever room we were in, there was a massive glass window that oversaw mountains. In other words, if you looked out the window you would see rolling hills which are very similar to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, just real beautiful. Rolling hills, and you can see the trees on the hills.

And all of a sudden, I stood at the window, and I saw something very strange. I saw the Lord coming from my right side to my left side. I saw the back side of the Lord. He had a garment in shimmering white, and sewn into that garment it looked to me as if all the way down the back side of the garment there was this beautiful red coming down. I saw the different nations of the world, and the different nations were known by pomegranate that was sewn into their garment. The pomegranate represents the Law in the Word of God and Judaism in the Old Testament. Some had it over their heart; some had it over the left shoulder; some over the right shoulder and some had it sewn toward the front leg, left leg, right leg. You knew the continent they were from automatically by where the pomegranate was. That's exactly what I saw in the garment of the Lord, and that represented the covenant of the blood of Jesus.

So when I heard that, it was explained to me why I saw in this vision the Lord's garment, and it had that red coming all the way down the back, because it represented the covenant of His blood. The back part of the Lord also had a had a very unusual look in the hair. The way that the Lord's back was made, it looked like that He almost had wings. Now, He didn't have wings, but there was this appearance of something on His back that was connected to this garment, and I realized that if you were to see the front of Him, it might look like that there were horns coming up from Him. What he did once again is He put his hands out, and I saw the lightning.

This time I saw it in more detail. The lightning came from his fingertips, and I knew it was going to go around the world to gather the people unto Him that were His, whose names were written in the Lamb's book. As He did that, something happened in the building, and every person in that room was a believer. There wasn't at that point a lot of people in the room because they hadn't arrived; we were preparing the room. I remember being hit right in my stomach now by this lightning.

Why my stomach? It's because the Bible said, "the spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inner parts of the belly." John Chapter 7 says, "Out of your belly, your innermost being, shall flow rivers of living water." And so your stomach is located in the heart of your spirit. So the belly area is the center or the seat of the emotions for the soul and spirit. It hit me in my spirit, and I felt an electricity—it didn't hurt—electrifying my body, and I knew I was being changed from a mortal to immortality, the way the Bible says. I looked around the room, and instantly that lightning was hitting my partners; it was hitting my wife, Pam; and it immediately pulled us toward God. The moment the change came, we were going through that glass window instantly. Then I completely woke up.

For more of these incredible prophetic visions from Perry Stone, watch this video.

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