Faith-Based Company Providing Families with Disney Alternative

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As culture wars rage around the world, many families are looking for entertainment that does not look to spread a message or indoctrinate, but to tell a story that they can enjoy with their kids.

With media companies pushing hard to release content many deem inappropriate for children, the door is open for new sources of entertainment.

Enter the Logos Theatre.

The Logos Theatre is a multi-faceted event center that provides families with wholesome entertainment in a variety of ways, not simply stage productions.

The company, based in Taylors, South Carolina, offers live action and animated films in addition to live stage plays.

According to their website, "The Logos Theatre is a facet of The Academy of Arts. Since 1971, The Academy of Arts has been 'making the Bible come alive' to young people all around the country. In 2006, The Logos Theatre opened its doors in Taylors, SC, and has been performing professional, state-of-the-art productions ever since."

As media companies such as Disney abandon any remnant of the family-oriented companies they may have been at one time, artistic director Nicole Stratton shared with the "Lighthouse Faith" podcast that God has been preparing the Logos Theatre for this moment.

"We're realizing God has raised us up at such a time as this," Stratton says.

With every area of children's and youth programming overflowing with the sexualization of characters, LGBTQ content, witchcraft and gender confusion, parents are looking for outlets that give them some semblance of safety for their children's viewing.

"If you take some of that away for our children... What do we give them in its place?" asks Stratton.

When producing large-scale productions such as renditions of C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy," creativity is poured into every aspect of the performance, to include life-size puppets that require upward of three people to operate.

"I mean, we serve the Creator. So, I think it is only fitting that everything that you see that we produce would have creativity," says Master Puppeteer Justin Swain.

This creativity clashes with the indoctrination and ideologies now preached at the 'House of Mouse.'

The Disney studios that were once hailed for groundbreaking animation and storytelling during its renowned 'Renaissance Era' of the late 1980s into the mid-90s, all of which was built on the towering early successes of founder Walt Disney in the 1930s and 40s in timeless classics "Cinderella," "Snow White," and "Fantasia," have now given way to ideological messaging that denies the importance of the nuclear family, tradition gender roles and the responsibility of the individual.

To be perfectly honest, the creativity that Swain praised as a gift from God is gone from companies like Disney.

Just as Satan cannot create anything himself but is instead limited to twisting that which God has already created into his own perverted version, so too has 'modern family' media failed to create anything of substance for years.

Opportunities abound for Christian-owned businesses and companies however, as the moral fabric of society continues to fray. There is a strong desire by many, including non-Christians, for wholesome entertainment that can be viewed with the whole family.

Simply look at the sweeping success faith-based media has earned and enjoyed in recent years with hits like "The Chosen" and "Jesus Revolution."

This proves not only that people are looking for entertainment the family can enjoy, but they are looking for the remedy to the spiritual emptiness many are experiencing in the world today. Which is, of course, Jesus Christ.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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