Pagani, Brown Meet in Live Conversation Event on Core Issue of Christian Demon Possession

Although their differences about deliverance ministry and whether or not a Christian can be demon possessed were recently thrust into the public realm, Demon Slayer pioneer Alexander Pagani and author and theologian Dr. Michael Brown say they have grown to have the utmost respect for each other.

And if there is one thing they vehemently do agree on, it's that they do not want to give credence to the enemy by attacking each other, as brothers in Christ, in a public forum. Indeed, the subject of deliverance is a controversial subject, Brown says, and it has intensified in recent weeks and months.

Both Pagani and Brown came together recently to discuss the topic in a live video on Charisma Media, and it made for quite the lively exchange and a fascinating conversation.

InFaith-Brown-book-cover.png March, Brown, a columnist for Charisma Media, wrote a poignant column on the subject of Christians and demon possession. And the Demon Slayers—a group composed of Pagani, Mike Signorelli, Vlad Savchuk and Isaiah Saldivar—recently appeared a Pastor Greg Locke's new movie, "Come Out in Jesus Name," which landed at number 5 in domestic box office performance since its release earlier this year, and caused a stir in the body of Christ.

Brown and Pagani's positions on deliverance for Christians differed:

"There was a swirl of controversy about the subject of deliverance in recent weeks and months, as this has come to the forefront of discussion in the body. And suddenly in issues that were definitely secondary, we are now attacking each other," Brown says. "I thought, that's exactly what the devil wants.

"So why flip out if we have a different view on some points that do not determine who God is and what it means to be saved. If God sees fit to accept you and me in the same family, that makes us brothers and we are going to be together forever. That means we have more in common than we have that divides us. Sometimes we get petty, and we have to get over that," Brown says.

Pagani, author of "The Secrets of Deliverance," was quick to point out that Friday's conversation was not a Dr. Brown vs. Pagani debate in his initial response to Brown's article on Christian demon possession. Neither Pagani-book.jpgPagani nor Brown believe their initial interaction was covered by Matthew 18:15, which reads, "Now if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone; if he listens to you, have gained a brother."

"I'm glad we're having this conversation, and honest conversation," Pagani said. "I don't think Matthew 18 applies here because I'm not offended and I wasn't offended. I was following the rules of social media."

Brown, the author of Charisma House's "Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith," says both he and Pagani have the same goals and hopes that the two, and the rest of the body of Christ, can take a serious look at the subject of deliverance going forward and examine it by scripture.

"Look at practical fruit," Brown says. "What do we agree on? What do we disagree on? Where can we help one another? Where do we see dangerous concerns?" Brown asks. "There's no question demons are real. And, there's no question that people struggle. There's no question that this subject has really become prominent in the body again."

"Love it," Pagani said.

For more of the incredible conversation between Pagani and Brown, click here.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

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