Lee Grady: 'People Are Seeing the Demonic Realm Like Never Before'

Evangelist Lee Grady says that Satan has made a huge mistake in our culture, and it's time for God's people to take advantage of it and fix the huge mess he has created in our society.

In the wake of last week's tragic shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, in which three children and three adults were senselessly murdered, Grady says people are beginning to see with their eyes, and hearts, the enemy's diabolical and sinister agenda of transgenderism and gender dysphoria.

The assassination of six people by Audrey Hale is a mental health issue, but it is mostly a spiritual issue, Grady says. Satan's biggest mistake is that people—even non-believers—can see the depravity and nefariousness in it.

"This is just one incident, but how many more times is this going to happen because we are just pushing this false narrative that you just have to affirm people who endure dysphoria," Grady told John Matarazzo in a recent video interview on Charisma News.

"Honestly, I think Satan has overplayed his hand and that people in America are beginning to see the demonic realm like never before; the darkness of evil just coming out. It's not pretend anymore. It's not veiled. It's not covered up. It is real; it's out there. And we have a huge spiritual crisis on our hands that we've created. The leaders in our nation are not helping by pushing this agenda."

The liberal leadership in this country—President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Congresswomen like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez have led the charge to confuse the nation's children.

Liberal politicians like those mentioned above have damaged our nation's youth by letting them know that changing their gender—even on the elementary school level—and deceiving their parents in the process is not only OK, but encouraged. All in the name of political correctness.

Drag queen shows at elementary schools, middle schools and high school have not only been encouraged as well, but have become commonplace, so much so that many children consider it completely normal.

"We're so polarized, we're so divided in America right ow about how to respond to these issues," Grady says. "The elephant in the room, if you will, is this whole issue of transgender that is being promoted by our media, by our school and by the counselors and the psychological community in the country.

"It is really sad to me that gender dysphoria, which used to be listed as a mental problem in this country, now ... counselors have been told you can't tell a person if they feel like they are not the gender they were born with ... you can't tell them that they have to stay that way. Let us work with you and to help you embrace who really are biologically. You can't say that anymore.

"They're supposed to say, 'well, OK, if you feel like you're a man, then you know you are and we're going to affirm that and we are going to basically pretend with you that you are that, so that you know you'll feel good about yourself and won't hurt anybody. It's really like the official viewpoint coming from our White House, coming from the whole counseling community, and we are going to pay a huge price for this."

Such is the case with Audrey Hale. Grady says that while Hale's entire manifesto has yet to be released to the public, she had a vendetta to go into The Covenant School—of which she was once a student—and to "hurt people, probably because they represented the enemy to her."

Despite the darkness and the evil Satan has tried to poison not only our children with but our entire society, Grady says there is hope for America and hope for our youth. The Asbury Revival showed us that young people could come together—led by the Holy Spirit—to worship God in a manner rarely seen today.

The Jesus Revolution movie hit the theaters and became a huge hit among not only young people, but people of all generations. It broke box office records and showed how the youth of America can make a difference.

"All of a sudden, thousands of people were listening to a senator's prayer being prayed and repeated on a big screen. That's pretty unprecedented, at least in my lifetime," Grady says. "I think that even though the enemy is working so fast and furious, I think the Holy Spirit is also working.

March CM Cover"I spend a lot of my time overseas and I see what God is doing in other countries. We are living in an unprecedented time of harvest. There's also a lot of warfare and there's also a lot of resistance. So, to have something like this happen in Nashville ... the enemy is on a warpath. He doesn't want there to be spiritual revival in this world.

"But my hope, my dream before I'm gone, is that we are going to see the most unprecedented spiritual awakening the world has ever seen. I know it's going to be global ... If you just watch CNN all day, you're probably going to be pretty depressed. ... But I think that you and I both know, because we watch what's really happening, is that there's a lot of hope out there."

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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