Pew Research: Believers of the End Times Less Concerned With Climate Change

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Climate alarmists have predicted the doom of the Earth for decades now, and the Earth is still spinning with all of its inhabitants.

There have been a number of theories about how the climate is going to wipe out life as we know it. From another Ice Age to Al Gore's "point of no return" coming and going, humans have been obsessed with what the earth's climate is doing and how it will affect the rest of the world.

Pew Research conducted surveys to discover whether there is a link between a person's belief in the End Times of the Bible and the fear of Earth's climate wiping out humanity.

The survey asked several questions about a person's End Times belief system. Over half (58%) of the adults questioned, all Americans, do not believe that the earth is experiencing the end of days.

A minority (39%) responded with a "yes" when answering the question, "Are we living in the end times?" Almost half of those who said humanity is in the End Times identified as a Christian (47%).

The groups were broken down by religious affiliation and the belief in the End Times varied greatly among them. Leading the belief in the End Times were: Historically Black (76%); Evangelical (63%); and Protestant (55%).

When asked if they believe "Jesus will return to Earth someday, [and the] world situation will worsen until then," the three largest believing groups were: Evangelical (34%); Protestant (25%); and Historically Black (23%).

The largest groups who do not believe that humanity is living through the End Times are: Religiously unaffiliated (75%); Catholic (70%); and those of Other Religions (69%).

Pew Research released a statement analyzing the results of the survey section on End Times and climate change saying:

"The survey finds a modest relationship between end-times beliefs and concerns about climate change. Those who believe humanity is living in the end times are less likely than those who do not believe this to say they think climate change is an extremely or very serious problem (51% vs. 62%), with end-times believers who hold a premillennialist perspective expressing the lowest levels of concern about climate change (40%). Still, even in this latter group, two-thirds say climate change is at least a somewhat serious problem."

Yet the survey also shows that just because a majority of Christians are not scared of climate alarmism, they do care about the earth that God blessed them with.

In another section of the survey, an overwhelming majority of religiously affiliated groups believed that "God gave humans a duty to protect and care for the Earth, including the plants and animals."

Not buying into alarmism that is being used to exert control over others does not mean that one doesn't care about the earth. Most Christians say that they do. They simply believe that God is in control of the earth and what happens to it, and they take comfort in that belief.

According to the Bible, the climate is a factor in the End Times, just not how alarmists proclaim that it is. The book of Revelation describes in detail the events that will take place on the earth during the End Times. And with the current socio-political, economic, humanitarian and ecological crises facing the world, it is no wonder so many Christians believe that Christ's return will be soon.

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