WATCH: Kirk Cameron and Mike Huckabee: 'We Must Protect Our Constitutional Republic'

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With one of the most important elections in American history only a week away, evangelist and political activist Kirk Cameron says Americans must understand exactly what the voting process is and what it was designed to be for the country to be restored to its former greatness.

"If we really love the United States of America, we need to go back to the idea that the people of the highest form of authority that governs this land is not the executive branch or the Supreme Court judges or the legislators, but it's we the people," Cameron said on a recent episode of Takeaways with Kirk Cameron.

"And they are our servants, to represent our values and protect our freedoms. If we go into the voting booth understanding that, that will help us know who to vote for."

Next Tuesday, Nov. 8, Americans will head to the polls for the midterm elections. And while it is not a presidential election, it will be a crucial one for the American people, as control of the House and the Senate are both at stake.

Cameron's guest on the show, former Arkansas Governor and political analyst Mike Huckabee, agreed whole-heartedly with Cameron, saying a huge misconception about our country needs to be rectified and voters, especially the newer ones, must understand the process and what it was created for.

"I hear people say all the time, 'We have to protect our democracy. This group is the enemy of democracy,'" Huckabee says. "But we're not a democracy. A democracy is where a majority rules all of the time. If you want to, call it 'mob rule,' survival of the fittest, Darwinian in nature.

"But majority rules, that's not who we are or who we were created to be. Our country was designed to be ruled by a constitution with elected representatives who are then empowered to vote the will of the people. There were checks and balances built in, and that is the genius of our Constitution and the genius of our Founding Fathers. Three branches of government, none of which is more powerful than the other. There has to be agreement for it to function, and it is very difficult for it to function.

"What we need to recognize is that we're voting to preserve this Constitutional Republic. We're voting to make sure that we don't move into mob rule, and that we don't allow people that may have power to have it unrestricted and unrestrained. That's when tyranny sets in. Our biggest danger, our biggest threat right now is that we are rapidly moving toward a society of tyranny rather than a society and a government of order and law. We cannot be ruled by the passions of men."

Huckabee says many Americans simply don't understand who works for who.

"People who get elected to office need to never forget that they work for the people who elected them," Huckabee says. "They are not the bosses, they are the employees, and they are subject to getting fired. We would be better off if we fired a bunch of them.

"It's OK to put a politician on the spot. They work for you; you are the boss. So, ask your questions that you want to ask. You have every right to do that."

Before you head to the polls next week, watch this episode of Takeaways with Kirk Cameron and learn more about what America is all about and how you must vote.

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