NPR Fails to Justify Transgender and Nonbinary in the Bible

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The mainstream media has taken a decisive anti-Christian approach since the 1960s. Once upon a time, media outlets would include sermons preached on Sundays and nightly broadcast sign-offs included prayer and Bible messages.

Those days have been replaced with the attempt to re-write the Holy Bible to fit social and ideological narratives.

NPR published an article focused on the plight of a nonbinary priest within the Episcopal church. This associate rector, AJ Buckley, gave an interview to NPR and continued to spread the erroneous message that to love someone you have to validate their behavior.

"For me as a nonbinary person, I've been to so many churches where they don't have a bathroom that I feel like I can use," says Buckley, "and so I'll just not go to the bathroom there."

Buckley has adorned his church with the typical fare of a leftist preacher, "signs that say anyone can use any bathroom, including pronouns on name tags and preaching to 'siblings in Christ' rather than brothers and sisters."

As NPR is heralding this progressive thought pattern, the outlet also blatantly admits in a sub-headline that transgender spiritualists are interpreting the Scriptures to fit their bodies.

Leaning on the teachings of Shannon TL Kearns, the first openly transgender man ordained in the Old Catholic Church, NPR spreads literal heretical teachings about the Bible. Using the stories of Deborah and men who cooked, Kearns seems to think this proves the Bible teaches a nonbinary look at gender:

"The world of gender in the Bible is much more complex than I was taught growing up as an evangelical," says Kearns, "We have women who are judges. We have men who spend their time in the kitchen. There are eunuchs, which were considered this kind of other third gender."

This argument shows a lack of basic understanding of the Bible. A female judge in the Old Testament did not stop being a woman by taking up that mantle. Deborah addresses this to Barak that if she goes to battle with him, a woman would claim victory for the fight.

Next, a man cooking does not stop being a man, there are in fact some really great chefs in the world who are men. It is a profession that provides men and women the opportunity to display their culinary skills to the world or just their home, yet they do not stop being men and women when they cook.

And lastly, a eunuch was still a man. Even the literal definition of eunuch according to the Oxford Languages is: "a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court." They were made eunuchs so they would not impregnate the women they were watching over or protecting, but they also filled many other roles within the kingdoms they served.

NPR even goes so far as to entertain debate from Kearns that Sodom and Gomorrah were not a lesson about the sins of homosexuality, but a lesson to welcome strangers.

"When we look at a passage like Sodom and Gomorrah, we're looking at the places where—where might we still be inhospitable to people today?" asks Kearns. "Are we benefiting from systems that are hurting other people?"

The publicly-funded media group suggests by hanging men and women's bathroom signs, Christians are not being very hospitable to the non-binary community. The attempts to tear down the Word of God do not stop there, as the article continues sharing Kearns misguided teachings that blame the translation of the Bible by cis-white men from covering all aspects of interpretation.

Nevermind the multitude of Christians from civilizations across the world who have arrived at the same interpretations. Evangelists and pastors from Africa, India, China, the Middle East among many places have recognized the binary designed world of the Bible. They bent their worldview around the Bible, not the other way around.

It must be noted, the 'pastors' NPR interviewed for this article were all transgender and offered no counterpoints their arguments.

This doctrine is not only a grave misinterpretation of the Bible that is leading people away from the truth, but it is an open attack on Christianity from a publicly-funded entity. Imagine an article where NPR makes the same accusations against Judaism or Islam, and then imagine the uproar it would cause.

This warping of the Word of God needs prayer, fasting and counter-teachings that display sound reasoning and understanding of Scripture. It is a spiritual battle being waged on all fronts of world culture and Christianity, and it is time Christian's stand-up and speak out against it in love.

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.

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