Kathy Lee Gifford Implores Janice Dean to Forgive the Cuomo Brothers

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Preaching what she has practiced in the past, Kathy Lee Gifford discussed forgiveness with Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean on "The Janice Dean Podcast."

Dean was targeted by former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his brother, former CNN anchor Chris, for speaking up against the COVID nursing home scandal. Both of Dean's in-laws died in a New York nursing home due to COVID.

Gifford implored Dean to pray for Cuomo on the podcast episode, "Pray that he comes to know Yeshua," Gifford said. "Pray that he becomes a good practicing Catholic like you are, goes back to his church, and you know, believes in something bigger than himself, believes in real justice, real righteousness.

"If Jesus can forgive on the cross, you can forgive right now. All you have to do is say, 'Thank you, Jesus...You have forgiven me for everything I have ever done. Lord, I choose to forgive him.'"

Kathy Lee Gifford knows something about being attacked publicly and forgiving the person behind the assault.

Earlier in her career, shock-jock Howard Stern relentlessly attacked Gifford on his radio program. Kathy Lee had no idea why Stern continuously attacked her since the two had never met, and NBC even kept them separated on separate floors because of the tension Stern had caused.

When God put it on Gifford's heart one day to approach Stern and say hello, she did just that. Her obedience led to reconciliation with Stern and prevented resentment, bitterness and anger to take hold of her heart.

Now, Gifford hopes to help another woman of faith find God's faithfulness in the middle of a storm.

After losing both of her in-laws to COVID, Dean took the fight to Cuomo and his policies. It was reported by the New York Post that before his firing, Chris Cuomo had been in contact with his brother and discussed going after Dean because of her challenging of Andrew's policies.

Gifford would explain that, even in her hurt and pain, Dean could stand up for what she believes is right and emulate Jesus at the same time:

"You have such hurts because you lost two people that are precious to you and you have this sense of justice now, not just for them, but for everybody who lost somebody they love," she explained. "That shouldn't change... You know what that's called in the Bible? Righteous anger. Nobody had more of a right to be angry, righteously, than Jesus, but He stayed on that cross. He could have come down as they taunted Him. He chose, He said 'Father, forgive them.' Right now, you can do it sweetie, and I don't want you carrying this around anymore.

"The price you pay is awful, so much disease is based in loss, a lack of forgiveness and... if you can't forgive, we can't expect God to forgive us. Jesus said you've got to forgive or you can't be forgiven," she said. "You have to do it; darlin' and you'll just be so grateful. 'Thank you, Jesus. I don't want to carry this around.'"

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