Top of the Week: Pastor Shows Miraculous Signs of Life Moments Before Being Unplugged for Organ Donation

Pastor Ryan and Meg Marlow
Pastor Ryan and Megan Marlow (Facebook/Megan Marlow)
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Pastor Shows Miraculous Signs of Life Moments Before Being Unplugged for Organ Donation

Thirty seven-year-old Baptist pastor Ryan Marlow was about to be unplugged from life support for organ donation when something miraculous happened, halting doctors from taking him into organ removal surgery.

The pastor of Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina was hospitalized after contracting listeria, which is a serious infection that comes after eating contaminated food.

"I was across the hall and I heard Ryan scream, 'Someone help me,'" Ryan's wife, Megan Marlow, says in one of her videos, which have garnered thousands of views and shares across social media. Megan says her husband was having trouble swallowing as doctors were still in the process of figuring out what was going on and how to treat Ryan's symptoms.

Spirit-Filled Pastor: There Is a Cost to Revival

When speaking at the recent Turning Point USA Faith event in San Diego, Calif., Pastor Shane Idleman made this eye-opening statement for not only pastors, but the entire body of Christ:

"Pastors, without boldness and brokenness, we will accomplish little. Leonard Ravenhill once said, 'You must weep before you whip.'"

Idleman is obviously looking forward to a Great Awakening in the body in the near future, but he says revival won't come without a cost and that believers must surrender to the cross to bring about such a revival.

Why Believing Conspiracy Theories Corrupts Your Christian Witness

Today's world is being shaped by lies in terrifying ways. In recent weeks, for example, we have witnessed Vladimir Putin's disinformation campaign to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But it's not just officials in the Kremlin making spurious claims; during the pandemic we've also been bombarded by falsehoods. Conspiracies appear in our search results, while scrolling on social media or in conversations with friends and family.

What were, at one time, beliefs held by extremists, fringe groups or eccentric uncles—the earth is flat, the moon landings were faked, I know who really shot JFK—have now filtered into the mainstream consciousness, aided by technology that makes sharing content easier. In a world that can be confusing, complex and at times seemingly out of control, conspiracies offer us the illusion that we can understand reality without too much effort on our part.

Jonathan Cahn: Altars Must Be Broken for Worldwide Revival to Come

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says if there is to be worldwide revival in these end times, altars must be broken. He doesn't mean literal altars—as there are in churches—but metaphorical altars that have infiltrated the lives of believers and non-believers alike and have transformed our culture into a den of iniquity.

It's part of the reason why he wrote his latest and perhaps his most important book, "Return of the Gods," which releases today, Sept. 6. In the book, he reveals that the gods of the ancient pagan world have now returned to the modern world, to the West and specifically to America. He reveals the "Dark Trinity" of these gods that are now at work transforming and paganizing American culture. The same ancient gods that reign over the ancient world now lie behind everything from the sexual revolution, abortion, woke-ism, the revival of the occult, the war on gender and the spread of the rainbow throughout our culture. Rabbi Cahn says not only do we need to know what we are dealing with concerning the "gods" or the principalities of the enemy, but we also need to realize that we, as believers, have the power to overcome them.

Rabbi Cahn says in these last days, we are no different than Moses, Elijah, the Maccabees or Jesus' disciples, who all faced their own challenges in dealing with pagan gods in their own time. We, like those individuals and groups, can look to our Savior to destroy Satan and his army who have brought mass deception to our culture.

"Satanic Ghoul"? Bi-Partisan Analysts Shred Biden's "Hellish" Speech

Imagery has an important place in culture. From Bible verses to political rallies, the imagery of a situation can make or break it.

After President Biden's speech on Thursday, Sept. 1, commentators on both sides of the aisle are criticizing the president for the choice of background and his divisive speech.

While campaigning before the 2020 election, then-candidate Biden tweeted, "We need a president who chooses unity over division." Most Americans would agree with that statement, yet the president's speech attacked half of America.

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