Former Satanic High Priest's Ministry Inflicts Heavy Damage Against the Enemy

Evangelist John Ramirez (Armen Ministries YouTube channel)

Christian Evangelist John Ramirez is grateful to have survived the COVID pandemic that is the killer of almost 40,000 of his fellow New Yorkers. The former Satan worshipper himself died in Manhattan on March 11, 2019, before the Lord pulled Ramirez back into a lifeless body.

"I didn't question God," says Ramirez. "When I died on my sofa—having come back from preaching that weekend—I'd just closed my eyes. It was like a magnet was pulling me from my body.

"I wasn't thinking about my mother and daughter missing me because there's such peace when you're leaving," says Ramirez who has walked with Jesus for 22 years.

When Ramirez said to the Lord: "There's so much I want to do for You, God," he returned to his body.

Since then, he has published another book, Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life of Total Freedom.

In discovering secrets of the spiritual kingdom, Ramirez has learned to not question God, even when he lost his eyesight in 2021.

During that time, Ramirez met an Asian woman who asked about his vision. After two months with no vision in either eye, Ramirez told her his sight was improving.

"We love you in China," the woman from Shanghai told Ramirez. "Your testimony is known all over China and in the underground church. We've got 1.4 billion people praying for you," she told him.

Ramirez is keeping his promise to do more for God. He's writing books and e-courses on spiritual warfare.

"I believe He left me here for a reason, writing another book. It's all because I owe Him everything; He owes me nothing," says Ramirez, who attends Times Square Church, which at one time was led by the late David Wilkerson. Ramirez calls fellow Puerto Rican Nicky Cruz, author of The Cross and the Switchblade, a brother in Christ and close friend.

Ramirez has discovered intimacy with God and knowledge of His Word are keys to victory over the devil. Religious people and legalistic churches are spiritually "bankrupt and anemic when there's no Jesus on the inside," he says.

This was a discovery Ramirez made almost two years into his relationship with Jesus. When he came as an invited guest to give his testimony at a Spanish-speaking church in Harlem, there were eight people inside and hundreds outside. The pastor ushered Ramirez out the back door, calling him worldly because he wore a watch and cross necklace.

"He threw me out because that Spanish church like others didn't have the theology, wisdom, knowledge, revelation or clarity in the spirit to know who Jesus Christ is.

"Jesus ate with sinners who were more open to ministry than religious people," says Ramirez, recalling "400 outside going to hell all because that pastor had a legalistic devil in his church."

The great end-time church is going to be unknown people, the ones with tattoos, earrings, the nobodies who are nothing in the kingdom. "The devil isn't going to see them coming," Ramirez says.

He has learned to redeem the time because the days are evil. Time is free and priceless.

"There are people in the hospital right now with one or two days to live, and they're praying for more time. You use time for one of two things: To glorify God or give the devil the opportunities he wants," Ramirez says.

Biblical characters David, Joseph and Paul were imperfect people who loved God. "So don't act like you're perfect, or try to be, because you're never going to get there," Ramirez says.

Discovering another secret of the kingdom, Ramirez says powerful spiritual warfare is knowing God intimately, rather than possessing knowledge of him. He tells the story of a famous actor known for his voice, movies and documentaries. At a performance in New York, the actor was asked by a pastor to quote the 23rd Psalm. With a heavenly voice, the actor began, "The Lord is my Shepherd."

Reciting the final verse, "And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever," the actor acknowledged his fans' applause, then he asked the pastor to quote the psalm.

In his broken voice, the pastor finished all six verses. The audience that merely applauded the actor was now in tears.

After the performance, a reporter asked the actor about the different audience reactions. He replied, "I know the words but he knows the God of the Word."

"In spiritual warfare—from green pastures to dark valleys and from still waters to darkness—you need to know the shepherd," Ramirez says.

A former Satanic high priest and general in the kingdom of darkness through witchcraft, Ramirez years ago sacrificed animals in satanic rituals, and he was known by friends as "Lucifer's son."

A son of the Most High God today, Ramirez topples demonic strongholds through the power of Jesus' name and shed blood as he ministers around the world.

Watch Ramirez preach a message titled, "Discovering the Secrets of the Spiritual Kingdom."

Steve Rees is a former general assignment reporter who, with one other journalist, first wrote about the national men's movement Promise Keepers from his home in Colorado. Rees and Promise Keepers Founder Bill McCartney attended the Boulder Vineyard. Today Rees writes in his free time.

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