3 Minutes Between Life and Death

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If you are in crisis, please call 1-800-273-8255 or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org. You are not alone.

Many of our staff work long hours, and it is not unusual for some of our team to finalize legal briefs in the early hours of the morning. We realize our work is often the difference between life and death.

Usually, our main phone lines transfer to voice mail at 5 p.m. One call this week came in at 4:57 p.m. The man on the phone was sobbing and his words were almost unintelligible. Thank God the caller did not wait three minutes later ... or today he might not be alive.

Adam (name changed for privacy) joined the military 16 years ago. Military life has been tough but rewarding for Adam, his wife and his children. Adam and his family treat their health needs in accordance with his religion—using the herbs and plants the Creator made for us.

Without getting too specific, Adam's ancestors had sadly been used as unwitting guinea pigs for vaccines with terrible consequences.

Adam didn't want to get the COVID shots for religious reasons, but he has just four years left until a full and honorable retirement for which he has worked so hard. But even more immediately, Adam's wife and children need a roof over their heads and food on the table. Personnel at Adam's military base began a pressure campaign to force him to take the shots.

Adam filed a religious exemption that was denied with no consideration for his deeply held religious beliefs. His appeal was also denied.

Adam's grandmother, who had been pressured to take the COVID jab, died just days after the injection. At her funeral, Adam learned that his cousin had also recently dropped dead after taking the shot. Stories of other sudden deaths among COVID shot-taking friends and family circulated throughout the funeral attendees. Adam knew he could not take that shot.

But back on base, the pressure became relentless. Adam was given a deadline to get the shot or lose everything.

Earlier this week as Adam sat in the medic's office waiting for his turn to get jabbed, he said: "I felt in my spirit that I was about to make a pact with the devil." He broke down in tears as he sat in the waiting room.

A man Adam didn't know walked up and asked him if he was OK. Adam explained he was not OK; he desperately did not want to take this shot that had already killed a dear family member, friends and acquaintances. "I can't continue to live this way. I can't handle this anymore." Adam was going to kill himself that night.

"Man, you need to call Liberty Counsel. They can help you," the unknown man told him. He gave Adam our phone number and walked away.

Adam's phone call came in only three minutes before our phones began forwarding to voice mail for the day. When our staff member answered, Adam was nearly hysterical, crying so hard that his words were almost unintelligible.

Our staff member stayed on the phone with Adam, talking him off the cliff. "We can help," our staffer told him.

Adam asked, "Are you really going to help me?"

Our staffer replied, "I can't guarantee we will win, but I can guarantee we will help."

Adam wept, but with renewed hope. "Ma'am, these are good tears," he said. "I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate this. An hour ago, I was ready to say, 'Forget life,' but you've given me hope."

While this story is both shocking and heartbreaking, Adam's call was one of THREE suicidal active-duty military calls we received that week. Each one in tears, each one on the brink of ending it all because they refuse to take the shot, yet Joe Biden continues to push his unlawful order.

The chaplains involved in our massive case Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin have warned repeatedly about the suicides these unlawful mandates are causing. Last week we filed a brief with the Court of Appeals defending our Navy Commander and Lt. Colonel plaintiffs, and we continue to fight for class certification to protect every member of the U.S. military. Please be in prayer!

Jesus said, "You are the light of the world" (Matt. 5:14, NASB). Thank you for continuing to help us fight darkness with light. Your support is turning death into life.

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