Alveda King Calls Out Biden and the Left for 'Race Baiting' the Black Community

Dr. Alveda King (AP file photo)

From voter ID laws to the teaching of critical race theory to the subject of abortion, Dr. Alveda King pulls no punches about President Joe Biden and the liberal left in America. King says they are "race baiting" African Americans and she says it's insulting.

The niece of the late, great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Alveda King says the left plays on the emotions of the black community and, personally, she takes offense to it.

"They want to inflame me of my emotions and remind me of my pain," King said in an interview with Charisma News Monday. "Any way they can twist the emotions of the Black community, they're going to do it. They will take you all the way back to slavery and segregation, and that's race baiting. It's an insult to the Black community."

On Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 6, Biden said: "It's no longer just about who gets to vote. It's about who gets to count the vote, and whether your vote counts at all. It's about two insidious things: voter suppression and election subversion." Biden used MLK Jr.'s name in his push for the removal of restrictions on voting.

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a patriot," says King, the chairperson of the Center for the American Dream. "His life was rooted in the American Dream and he was all about equality, but not the equality they are talking about. The Abolitionist Party, which comes from the right, holds that are people are created equal — one blood, one human race.

"We want it to be easy to vote and hard to cheat. It does happen in every election on every side. You go back to the Carter-Baker Act (of 2006), a bipartisan act that hammered out a fair voting process and that's been thrown out the window. People have called me a racist for saying that people need an ID to go out and vote. They say it's a heavy burden for the Black Community. It's not a heavy burden. Go get a government voter ID card; it's free. It's not a heavy burden and it's not hard for anyone to get an ID. And to say that is an insult to Black people. You need an ID for almost everything. To say it's a burden to the Black community is race baiting because they're saying it's so much of a burden that you don't want to vote."

King says that the left also participates in race baiting when it comes to the issue of abortion.

"Life in the womb," King says. "They tell Black women you need help. It's too much of a burden for you to carry a child and finish school. If you get pregnant, they say, 'Let us help you abort your child so we can help you get on with your life.' These racists don't want to help you. They are basically scaring Black women into abortion."

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